Best Fireproof Gun Safe

Top 8 Best Fireproof Gun Safes in 2023 [Updated]

Fireproof gun safes are designed to withstand fire for an extended amount of time. They are usually made of steel, a metal that can resist heat better than other non-metallic substances.

Fireproof gun safes are a cost-effective way to protect your family from the risk of fire or theft. A fireproof gun safe can be installed into a wall, floor, or ceiling, and they all have a UL rating for protection against fires.

All of these safes would work well in homes with children who may want to play with guns without their parent’s knowledge.

A lot of people are interested in the best fireproof gun safe and how to choose a good one. There is a wide range of gun safes available in the market today, but it’s important to know what you’re looking for before you buy.

This blog post will make your decision process easy by going over some of the most popular features to keep in mind when purchasing a firearm safely and what makes these types of gun safe different from others, and how you can narrow down findings for the best one.

Our Top Recommendations for Best Fireproof Gun Safe

1.Kodiak KB5529ECS Gun Safe

This Kodiak KB5529ECS has everything you need for a perfect home security system, with plenty of space to store all your firearms and valuables. Whether you’ve got 30 rifles or ten handguns, this safe will fit your needs like a glove.

The Kodiak KB5529ECS is made to last with its plush adjustable shelving and interior walls designed to protect them from prying eyes and harsh conditions. It contains predrilled holes through which you can easily attach a dehumidifier, so any unwanted moisture doesn’t affect your precious items concealed within its confines.

The Kodiak Gun Safe is fireproof for 30 minutes at 1400°F, with a thick metal composite door made of 2.00MM steel. There is anchoring for concrete floors to keep them safe during an emergency like a tornado or an earthquake, and its dimensions are seven times larger than regular gun safes.

Its locking mechanism has no keyhole; instead, the entire door swings open on hinges that turn easily when unlocked via code (up to 8 numbers). The Kodiak gun safe is a well-lit, and compact gun safe designed to keep your firearms and other valuables close at hand.

It features one exterior steel plate protecting the LockLock from drill attacks, as well as an internal anti-tamper clutch just in case you’re looking for something to store inside that,’s not meant for little hands.

Its weight is 400 pounds and features a continuous hinge; this model is just what you need if you want to deter would-be burglars or curious children who may be looking for anything interesting in their parents’ closets.

The generous strongbox drawer provides ample storage space for whatever items you may wish to conceal safely away from prying eyes when not in use.

A beautiful slab of steel includes a superior-quality type 1 UL- Listed electronic LockLock that will offer you protection for decades to come. With nine layers of American Walnut and MDF interior lining for durability and beauty, the Kodiak is sure to protect your most valued possessions in any situation with its Total Protection System.


  • External dimensions: 55″H x 29″W x 20″D 
  • Weight: 385 pounds


  • 30 minutes of protection at 1400°F.
  • Thick 2.00 mm steel construction.
  •  Five-door bolts total.
  • Holds 30 long guns & 10 handguns at one time.
  • Adjustable shelving and interior walls.
  • Single hardened steel plate. 


  • Not suitable for storing large guns with scope.

Final Verdict

The Kodiak KB5529ECS Gun Safe by Rhino Metals is a phenomenal product for storing your firearms, ammunition, and valuables. This safe is built with resilient tension breakaway hinges. The Kodiak KB5529ECS Gun Safe will make it more difficult to hack into your safe than conventional safes.

The reinforced walls add even more security to this inspiring piece of equipment from one of America’s leading manufacturers of safes made only from the finest hardware offered on the market today. You won’t regret owning it.

2. Wasatch Safe – Best Fireproof Gun Safe

Wasatch Safe is a safe that can withstand fire for up to 30 minutes and still be fully operable. The door itself has concealed hinges for perfect water/rust protection. The walls are made of brick-like material to ensure everything stays put in case of an attempted break-in.

This gun safe is lab-tested from 2 feet of standing water, so you no longer have to worry about your valuables being lost if disaster strikes.

The Wasatch Fireproof and Waterproof Safe with Electronic Lock has been safety-certified to hold several items, including a handgun or a small flat-screen TV. You can open it from multiple angles because external hinges allow for a full 180-degree opening to give you complete access to the inside of the safe.

It contains 3 1/2″ tall door storage gives quick access to any other accessory you have in need at hand. This gun safe is sure to protect you in all types of emergencies. It has a dual lock system with an electric keypad and combination dial, so your valuables will be safe from burglars and fires alike. Its installation is on the inside top hinge, so you can open this whole-home safe with no hassle.

The three deadbolts protect from break-ins when the doors are opened or closed for double-layered security. And since not everyone needs 64-gun space, we made it at a height that maximizes your long gun storage advantage!


  • Assembled Product Dimensions (L x W x H): 20.25 x 19.00 x 55.00 Inches.
  • Weight: 346 pounds


  • · Fireproof-30-minute fire rating at 1400°F
  • · 72 hours waterproof protection.
  • · Electronic LockLock with Alarm.
  • · Allows180-degree opening for full access to safe.
  • · 7 Active 1.5″ Bolts and 3 Dead Bolts.
  • · 5 Spoke Handles.
  • · 2mm Steel Construction (12ga).


  • Expensive.

Final Verdict

The Wasatch fireproof safe has an electronic lock, which includes vault-grade safes and sophisticated encryption. The stone mineral powder coating helps resist the corrosion and scratching of alloy steel. This gun safe is water-resistant, so you can rest easy knowing this safe will do its ultimate job to protect your valuables even if there ever was a fire or flood.

3. Barska Fireproof Rifle Gun Safe

The Barska Fireproof Rifle Gun provides customers with a safe way to store their firearms while protecting them from unwanted intrusions. When seconds count, this vault keeps rifles organized and safely hidden away until the time comes for the old faithful to get pulled out of storage.

Unlike other vaults that can’t be opened without alerting someone by triggering an alarm, the Barska Rifle Gun safe comes equipped with a silent access feature that allows users ultra-quiet access without notifying anyone.

The keypad locks securely behind the user, so there is no chance for unauthorized people to try opening it during mistake entry or at night when they are trying not to wake up family members or cause a commotion in a general household activity if rifle gun owners want to stay stealthy.

This Gun Vault is built to last with fireproof construction and fitted with solid-steel locking bolts and contains a patented keycode memory system. The removable position rack allows you to store up to 45 rifles quickly and securely.

This is large enough for any gun collection without sacrificing safety; the firearm vault will enhance your weapons cache while safeguarding against theft or accidental incendiary damage through this cleverly engineered design.

This Vault Rifle Gun is a cost-effective solution to keep your firearms safe from the perils of fire. This vault features a door with silent access, so you can open or close it without alarming any potential burglars.

It also is an approved product by the California Department of Justice and offers removable shelves for your convenience. One 9V battery is included with the purchase!


  • Outer Size: L x W x H (40inch x 22inch x 59.06 inch)
  • Inner Size: (37.05inch x 16.6inch x 56.1 inch)
  • Weight: 667lbs


  • Fireproof gun safe up to 1 Hour at 1,200 degrees F.
  • Store 45 rifles with the removable position rack.
  • CA DOJ Approved.
  • Operates on one 9V battery (included).
  • Includes removable shelves.


  • Heavyweight.

Final Verdict

The Barska New Fireproof Lock Safe features a biohazard-resistant interior and exterior for storing personal belongings, rifles, ammo, ammunition, and handguns. This fireproof safe is perfect for anyone who needs security from burglary or fire with an electronic keypad combination lock with an auto-lock function to preserve battery life. Get your living space back from your gun collection!

4. Aegis Fireproof Rifle Gun Safe Large

This gun safe is made from a unique composite of cement, polymer, and steel. It’s fireproof up to 1400 degrees for 30 minutes and water-resistant with a 3/8inch steel plate inside the door for added protection against burglary tools.

The ergonomically designed keypad has an easy-tooth slip surface that helps identify accidental activation by simply placing your hand on it without activating potential harmful buttons inadvertently during storage or transport, as well as providing quick access in the event of an emergency.

This gun safe is the perfect companion for hunters, shooters, and anyone who needs to secure their firearms. It contains a heavy-duty construction with three active bolts and two deadbolts with anti-pry bars on top so, you’ll have durable protection from looters looking for guns in your home after a natural disaster or break-in attempt.

Inside, you’ll find removable shelves where you can neatly store your guns with enough room left for ammunition and other accessories. Hence, all your weapons are close at hand when emergencies arise.

The inside of this safe has a protective cloth lining, so dust doesn’t accumulate on anything inside while being protected from water seeping through cracks around doors or windows.

Aegis Fireproof Rifle Gun Safe is the perfect combination of security and confidence. This safe installs in minutes and snugly fits into your desired location with no protruding bolts or screws for would-be thieves to find.

Its size accommodates up to 7 rifles and even more handguns, you can feel safer about storing your firearms at home, work, or on the road, as this will be the last gun safe you ever need. The steel wall structure provides maximum protection from fire, and water exposure thanks to its expanded foam sealant used throughout construction.

Lastly, suppose theft prevention isn’t enough for you. In that case, this gun safe also includes an upgraded password keyboard security lockbox, so now accessing your weapons becomes a minimal effort and yet still incredibly effective.


  • External dimensions: 20″ W x 17″ D x 55″ H
  • Internal dimensions: 18″ W x 11.81″ D x 52.09″ H
  • Weight: 261lbs


  • Solid steel wall structure
  •  Large capacity can hold 7-14 rifles and pistols
  •  Upgrade keyboard security lockbox
  •  Suitable for home, office, or business


  • Too big in size so, occupy much space.

Final Verdict

Aegis Fireproof Rifle Gun Safe is perfect for storing all your firearms in complete security while concealed against theft or natural disaster. It is made of a solid steel wall structure that will provide maximum protection to your loved collection. It is a large-capacity gun safe that can hold 7-14 rifles and pistols which are guaranteed to be kept safe even if the worst should happen.

5. Stealth 14 Gun Safe EGS14

Protect your guns and other valuables with the Stealth 14 Gun Safe (EGS14). The design of this gun safe offers ample storage for pistols, rifles, shotguns, and more. This gun safe can be bolted down to a surface for added security while the electronic LockLock prevents break-ins.

A hard plate and re-locker protect its UL-approved high-security electronic LockLock. Even in case of fire or power outage, this door will protect for up to thirty minutes due to a heat-expandable intumescent door seal that expands 7x when heated.

Its twin live-action locking bolts provide extra protection and six solid steel locking bolts – 1″ in diameter are made from 14 gauge steel, ensuring reliability and Durability no matter what comes at it!

The Stealth 14 Gun Safe is the most secure safe for guns on the market. It contains a high-security LockLock and six solid steel locking bolts, and 14 gauge thick door stacks up to theft prevention.

It contains three outlets and two USB slots so you can easily charge any electronics without taking up precious space inside the compact size perfect for home or business use.

Imagine what you would lose if your guns were taken away or destroyed due to one moment of absent-mindedness with your firearm. Now imagine how much less stressed you feel knowing that they’re safely stored in this high-security gun safe that has an alarm system just for added protection.


  •  External Dimensions: 55″ H x 20″ W x 17″ D
  •  Internal Dimensions: 52″ H x 17″ W x 11″ D
  •  Weight: 230lbs


  • High-Security Lock
  • 30 Minutes of Fire Protection 
  • 6 Solid Steel Locking Bolts 
  • 14 Gauge Steel Door and Body
  • 3 Outlets and 2 USB Slots 
  • Molle Door Panel Organizer


  • Key must be purchased separately if the biometric system does not work.

Final Verdict

This Stealth 14 Gun Safe is your ultimate armory for firearms that help keep the peace in our house and yours. This highly-rated safe is constructed with alloy steel and contains UL-rated high-security electronic locks with anti-theft alarms. The reinforced interior lining protection guards against fire up to 1400˚F and secures all your firearms.

6. Aegis Fireproof Rifle Gun Safe

Aegis Fireproof Rifle Gun Safe is custom-made to fit your specifications. This gun safe is built with solid steel wall construction, and the size of this safe can be increased to accommodate more items you want protection, starting at 35 square feet.

This gun safe contains detergent-resistant paint and stain coatings that offer Durability for all environments while protecting against corrosion. The quick-access Digital Keypad provides reassuring security without compromising high levels of visibility or temperature changes.

Aegis Fireproof Rifle Gun Safe has an excellent 1400°F heat rating, ensuring that the sensitive documents inside are resistant to fire! A small window on the door allows you to keep track of time liveness even in dim lighting conditions, thanks to recent upgrades in LED technology.

The inside is wrapped in soft cloth to keep your belongings dust-free and protected from scratches. Plus, with removable shelves, you can customize the interior layout of the safe according to your needs.

From guns to jewelry or important documents, this gun safe guarantees that both you and your valuables stay safe when stored away in their durable Safes!

This fire-rated safe is both aluminum wire reinforced and concrete insulated to keep everything protected in the event of a fire. The removable shelf also makes it easier to complete routine maintenance on your safe by cleaning out dust, dirt, insects, animals, or any other wildlife trying to get into the space with just a simple swipe of the removed shelf taken off completely revealing even more storage racks below.


  • External dimensions: 55 x 19 x20(H x W X D)
  • Weight: 264lbs


  • 30 minutes fire resistant rated 1400°F.
  • Drill-resistant hard plate.
  • Anti-theft grab cabinet.
  • Solid steel construction.
  • 1-inch solid live-locking bolts.
  • Thick front door panel. 


  • Expensive.

Final Verdict

Aegis Fireproof Rifle Gun Safe provides a half-hour fire-resistant gun safe made of reinforced solid steel. The Aegis is large has 1300 pounds of security strength and 1850 cubic feet in volume. This rifle gun vault features our patented fire thermal insulation system with a 30-minute rating for fires up to 1400°F versus the industry standard of 1200°F. Perfect rifle gun safe for protection against theft, fires, floods, vandalism, etc.; look no further than this 14-gauge steel fortress!

 7. STEALTH Essential Gun Safe

The STEALTH Essential Gun Safe is 14 Gauge Steel with Eight 4-way Locking Bolts. It has the UL-RATED LockLock as well as attempted break-in and house fire prevention measures.

This product solves your safety needs in one fell swoop so you can focus on your family or other belongings without the worry of burglary or arsonists breaking into your home and confiscating what you hold dear.

The STEALTH Essential Gun Safe is the first safe of its kind on the market to offer reinforced steel plate protection and one million combinations with more than 28 gun capacities. It has a dual gun rack, an electrical power outlet fastened on top of it, and an optional Top shelf for added storage.

It contains a Molle Door Panel Organizer with Accessories. This gun safe provides fire protection for thirty minutes at up to 2100 degrees Fahrenheit. This robust interior includes shelves for ammo cans or holsters as well as pouches that you can customize your concealment.

This STEALTH Essential Gun Safe provides a gun safe for you to store your guns and ample storage space for emergency goods.

This gun safe provides you with three-outlet plug-ins and 2 USB slots to power it. It has 1″ solid steel locking bolts that will keep all contents tightly sealed in place while the batteries serve their purpose or when power is cut off due to an EMP or natural disaster.

The slim design ensures peace of mind against typical intruders who happen upon your home while you’re at work or on vacation and with friends since burglars often avoid wall safes altogether because they fear being heard trying to break in.


  • External Dimensions: 59″ H x 28″ W x 20″ D
  • Internal Dimensions: 56.5″ H x 25.5″ W x 16.5″ D
  • Weight: 375lbs


  • 14 Gauge Steel Door
  • Eight 4-way 1″ Thick Locking Bolts 
  • High-Security Electronic Lock 
  • 1 Million possible combinations 
  • 28-gun capacity
  •  Molle Door Panel Organizer


  • Expensive.

Final Verdict

STEALTH Essential Gun Safe will keep your firearms and other valuables away from the wrong hands. It locks quickly with a push of a button, and it has an electronic keypad that makes it easy to take out for firing purposes.

The powder-coated steel-alloy construction is resistant to fire, rust, and break-ins. It contains adjustable shelves; you can customize this safe for anything from rifles to handguns to ammo!

8. Biometric Fingerprint Gun Safe

Biometric Fingerprint Gun Safe is your one-stop solution for storing firearms in a safe and accessible location, so you can grab them when required. This gun safe is made from durable steel material construction.

This touch gun safe features a rock-solid design that’s pry-resistant. The rugged handle makes it easy to move around and helps keep contents secure when not in use. With this sturdy home gun safe, you get room to store two small handguns along with ammunition.

This Gun Safe with Biometric Fingerprint technology is the safest and most convenient storage option for your weapons. It is equipped with a fingerprint reader. This compact gun safe offers highly secure digital access to firearms like no other on the market.

The innovative design of this Rugged Vault ensures that your guns are protected from theft and unauthorized access both online and offline. It is LED lighting, interior lighting, and enough space to store two standard-size regular-frame pistols (space varies depending on the firearm).

CXOVO gun safe includes two standard handguns or one larger pistol. The fingerprint box can safely store valuables like firearms, jewelry, other precious items, etc.

It offers security protection wherever you go. Children may not understand the potential danger of guns, and the Biometric Gun Safe is perfect for these families with children because it gives them a sense of safety and reliability when in your home with aggressive pets, parties, or just plain bad people who exist out in society that want to violate our personal space.

The Gun Safe is portable and lightweight, so it can be taken wherever you go, whether you place the safe at home, in your car, or next to your nightstand for protection while you sleep. it’s versatile and always ready.


  • Exterior Dimensions: 11″ x 8.28″ x 2.755″
  • Interior Dimensions: 0.8″ x 7.67″ x 2.63″
  • Weight: 4.77lbs


  • Store two handguns, four clips& two pistol bullets.
  • Biometric fingerprint function.
  • LED lighting feature.


  • Batteries are not included.
  • Small in size.

Final Verdict

The Biometric Fingerprint Gun Safe from CXOVO is an elegantly smart way to secure your firearms. The fingerprint scanner unlocks the vault without a key, and wirelessly syncs with your phone, so you’re protected from intruders no matter where you go. With 11-inch chamber width, there’s plenty of room for multiple guns and valuables to stash away in one safe place.

Best Fireproof Gun Safe

Best Fireproof Gun Safe Buying Guide 

Choosing the best fireproof gun safe is a difficult decision. There are many factors to consider when purchasing a safe, and there are many options available in the market.

Let’s explore some important features to consider for buying the best gun safe:


The most crucial point to consider is your budget. There is a wide range of prices available for gun safes, and the price can vary greatly from one manufacturer or model to another.

You should set yourself a designated maximum amount that you would be willing to spend on a safe before starting your search so as not to stretch beyond what you have allocated in your budget.

Suppose there is no minimum price limit. In that case, it’s also important that you don’t simply buy the cheapest option either because it may mean compromising quality and safety features which could leave you with an inferior product at best or, worse still, something unsafe.

For example, some cheaper models only use small flat screws instead of round-headed bolts, which might be more difficult to drill.

Quality & Durability

As well as paying attention to price, it’s important not to focus solely on the cost of the safe.

Another point to consider at the time of buying a gun safe is how long you want your gun safe to last, and it is quality.

Some manufacturers offer a lifetime warranty with their products, indicating that they are made from stronger materials or components than others, making them more durable over time.

However, there are other ways in which potential buyers can judge Durability; for example, looking at how much weight each unit will hold is often an indicator of strength as well as quality, and you must also examine product reviews online where people who have owned individual safes may discuss the quality and durability of the product.

If any faults developed within a certain period of time or mention issues such as poor customer service experience when trying to resolve problems once they did arise.

A desirable feature on some units is fireproof which can be achieved with certain materials and insulation, which may also contribute to Durability.

Aesthetic Appeal:

Aesthetics can play a big role in terms of purchasing decisions. While the design, color options, or finish might not seem crucial at first, they are usually important considerations for most gun-safe buyers because they will affect where you want them located within your home, as well as how appealing they look aesthetically.

It’s worth noting that some manufacturers offer an extensive range of different models, so there should certainly be something available to suit everyone’s taste, but if you feel like compromising on other factors such as quality, then aesthetics shouldn’t be discounted entirely.

After all, owning any product is very much about how it makes you feel, and if your safe is ugly, then the chances are that you may not want to show off.

Security & Theft Protection

The level of security offered by different units may vary, so it is important not to assume based on price alone. Another factor can affect how secure gun safes are perceived as related to insurance ratings or certifications awarded by independent bodies such as Underwriters Laboratories (UL).

They test products against various standards developed within their labs. Not all manufacturers will refer specifically to this rating. Still, some do include other symbols or labels with certain safes that can indicate security, such as the California DOJ approval or approved by police departments, which provide other information about whether they’ve been independently tested and proven to be theft-resistant.

While it is good to know what safety standards a particular gun safe has passed, it’s also worth bearing in mind that different manufacturers may have applied for their independent tests, so this doesn’t always mean you are getting the same thing with each product.

Theft protection may be something worth paying a little more for, but at the same time, it’s important to remember that security is only as good as what you do with it.

For example, suppose there are no locking bolts or other protective features. In that case, even a safe that costs thousands of dollars isn’t going to offer much in terms of actual safety, especially if it’s been bolted down onto your floor and left out in the open under an unlocked window somewhere.

Locking mechanism

While this might seem obvious, just making sure that everything has been locked up correctly by using either a combination lock or keypad can mean all the difference between being able to sleep soundly at night knowing your guns have gone missing from where they should have stayed hidden away safely.

Size and storage capacity

Suppose you’re looking for a safe to store your handguns in, then it must be designed with these guns specifically in mind. This means the gun safe is able to fit each item into the unit itself, whether through removable compartments or shelves, which can be adjusted according to size and gun type.

It is also ensuring there are enough spots available before buying one where you might end up running out of room if more than one handgun needs storing at any given time.

Another thing worth bearing in mind when purchasing safes intended for handguns relates to how secure they need to be. At the same time, small units may look like an attractive option because they save space, taking them around with you.

 Steel construction

While all gun safes have metal construction, some are made from stronger steel than others for the most part. Depending on what you’re looking to store inside and how much it will weigh, this may or may not be a problem, but one thing that is worth bearing in mind relates to its resistance against fire.

While there’s no guarantee, of course, since different manufacturers use different methods and materials, which might affect both their performance and ability to stay intact if exposed to extreme heat.

Other factors such as whether or not they’ve been tested should certainly help narrow down your options when choosing between them, so finding out exactly where each unit has come up short (if at all) before making any final decisions can also play an important role.

Fire rating and certification

As mentioned above, this not only refers to whether or not a safe has been independently tested for fire resistance but also what the results were.

This is something that can often be discovered by cross-referencing information about both its thickness and materials used in construction (such as steel vs. composite) with any additional certifications.

It may carry UL 72 Class 350 certificate, meaning it’s capable of holding back internal temperatures up to 1700 degrees Fahrenheit for at least 30 minutes without damage.

While these types of ratings aren’t always necessary when buying safes which will primarily be storing other items inside, they’re worth bearing in mind because while the outer shell might prove completely resistant to heat.

Security features

Any safe designed to hold guns inside should come equipped with a few basic security features to ensure it can’t be easily broken into by thieves.

Most modern gun safes will include at least one locking bolt (be that on their doors or sides) as well as some form of electronic LockLock, which is usually accompanied by an override key for emergencies; both are worth paying attention to when looking over your options however since these don’t always live up to what they’re supposed to offer.

For example, there’s no point in having multiple locks if only one works, while even something like batteries failing during an emergency shoot-out could mean you are out of time before being able to access what you need.

Best Fireproof Gun Safe

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What Do Fireproof Ratings Mean?

Today’s fireproof safes don’t safeguard your belongings from a thief as you’d hoped. You can always buy another safe and have two in the house. One to keep your valuables safe from robbery, and another to keep your daily necessities safe from fire.
Buying two safes is unnecessary because there are so many available that are both fire and watertight.
Always look for safes that are approved by an approved authority. These institutions do intensive tests and research on fire to ensure that safe can withstand fire exposure.
It’s not suggested to keep ammo in a fireproof safe since the contents may be vulnerable to heat, and storing ammo in a fireproof safe for a long time can result in significant consequences as the ammo may explode.
So, to ensure that the safe would withstand fire, it is advised that you extensively study the materials utilized to construct it.
As stated previously, some manufacturers reduce the fire rating by using drywall for some of the walls. So, the firm can claim its product is fireproof when in fact, it is mostly drywall.
So only get safe from a reliable company.

2. Do you need a Fireproof Gun Safe?

If you think long-term, you will find a gun safe that precisely suits your demands. Don’t try to save your money for buying a non-fireproof safe. What if your house burns down? It’s worth paying a little more amount for a fire-resistant safe.
The amazing thing about a fireproof safe is that you can store so many valuable items. If you want, you can even store clothes and food inside. You probably have irreplaceable papers and images.
So, a fireproof safe is the answer. Although fire is improbable, be extra cautious and invest in a fireproof safe. It will pay off.

3. What is the best size safe to buy?

The answer is simple: choose one that is larger than you believe you require! The most common complaint received from thousands of customers over the years is that they did not purchase a large enough safe.
Consider the potential value of the items you might store in the safe in the future. When purchasing a safe, bigger is better!

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It’s important to protect your firearms and other valuables from the threat of fire. Fireproof safes are a good way to do so, but there is no such thing as an impenetrable safe.

There are various kinds and sizes of gun safes available for purchase, with some being better suited for specific purposes than others.

If you need help in deciding which type will best suit your needs or if you want more information about how these products work in general, we can provide that expertise right here on our blog!

We hope this blog post helps a lot to answer any questions you may have regarding gun safety and storage options; please let us know if we missed anything!

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