Best Gun Safe Under 200

Top 10 Best Gun Safe Under 200 in 2023 [Updated]

A gun safe is an important storage option for keeping guns and valuables safe and secure. Most of the gun safes are designed to be mounted on a wall. It gives the best security against theft, fire, and water spills.

It contains a locking mechanism either opened by an electronic keypad or combination lock, which is easy to use as well as reliable enough to protect your firearms from any harm.

Gun safe comes in different sizes with a different number of shelves to choose one as per your requirement. It has thick walls made up of the best quality material for providing the best protection against attacks.

The best thing about the gun safe is that it will store a firearm and a pistol, accessories, jewelry, and other things without worrying about its damage. The best gun safe provides the best protection for your valuables.

If you’re looking for a high-quality gun safe without breaking the bank, we have just what you need. We’ve analyzed and reviewed some of the most popular models on the market to bring you our list of the best gun safe under 200.

Let’s start it now!

Top 10 Best Gun Safes Under 200

1. Awe safe Gun Safe

Awe safe handgun safes are specifically designed for safety, which is why they’re made with tough plated steel. They feature an advanced digital keypad knob that adds to the plated steel protection and provides an extra layer of security for keeping your handguns locked in a gun safe when you need them most.

These safes also contain a pry-resistant door that meets or exceeds UL standards for resiliency to hand tools and preventing any thief from opening it up by themselves. These are built with precision fittings that are virtually impossible to loosen my hands.

These gun safes provide ultimate peace of mind when securing your guns away from criminal hands. Awe Safe is the perfect storage option for homeowners with concealed carry permits. This portable, innovative gun safe opens easily with a single-hand motion to provide quick access for your handgun.

The 12-volt LED light will help you quickly scan high shelves or large drawers without damaging night vision with harsh fluorescent bulbs commonly used in other safes of lesser quality.

Awe Safe’s gun safe is a compact product that can be stored practically anywhere to protect from burglars. Its fingerprint recognition and digital keypad make it easy to quickly hide your weapon from any intruder without the worry of unwanted hands.

The rich blue finish makes this small size an attractive option for any room or under-seat storage in a car.


  • Internal dimensions:2.2inHx9.7inWx6.7inD
  • External Diemensions:3.2inHx12.1inWx9.9inD
  • Weight:10lbs


  • Digital keypad function.
  • Fingerprint recognition.
  • Biometric lock.
  • Single-handed access.
  • Portable.


  • There is a minor gap indoors.

Final Verdict

This awe-safe Gun Safe will help to protect your handguns from burglars while still being easy to access. This safe has a digital keypad, and the door is made of solid steel. This gun safe-keep your firearms secure with precise fittings that are virtually impossible to pry open with hand tools.

2. V-Line 2912-S Top Draw Security Case

V-Line 2912-S Top Draw Security Case includes a heavy-duty locking mechanism to protect individual pieces of gear, including firearms and equipment in transit or storage at home or office.

It is designed to be locked with an optional chain. It contains all industry-leading security case features such as foam lining in the top tray’s drawers for safe storage of sensitive items and electronic devices, extra ammunition rounds, and an in-drawer accessory compartment for additional small items like knives or cleaning supplies.

It is made out of durable polyresin for easy transportation between work sites (residential construction sites, shopping mall locations), vehicle trunks (station wagon trunks), and canopies (temporary shelters).

This security case is tough, durable, and lockable. The lock included has a double-sided keyed locking mechanism that requires both keys to operate it for maximum safety.

This unit also protects against drilling or tampering by using a drillproof design with reinforced steel points inside the metal fabric of the case.

The high-strength hinge allows this heavy-duty latch system to protect your valuable belongings while traveling in style without the feeling you are dragging around an overstuffed suitcase.

It also comes with a one-year limited warranty on defects in material artistry. Its heat-resistant insulation materials help keep items dry when transporting liquids. The dielectric coverings of this gun safe protect from electricity and radio frequency interference to keep your items secure and safe.


  • Product Dimensions‏: ‎ 12.5 x 9.5 x 2.5 inches; 
  • Weight:4.27 Pounds


  • Original Kaba lock.
  • Sturdy.
  • No batteries are required.
  • CA DOJ Approved.
  • Inner foam padding.
  • Made in the USA.


  • ·         Heavy.
  • ·         Suitable to store only two handguns.

Final Verdict

This case is perfect for protecting your valuables. It features a robust, high-quality metal-fiber construction that can resist cuts and tampering. The lock is key-operated and protects against any unwanted access to your belongings.

This beauty not only serves as an excellent prison for your precious personal possessions but also an elegant piece of luggage when we want to keep things classy while traveling.

3. V-Line 2597-S Keyless Security Box

The V-Line Desk Mate Keyless Security Box is an ideal gun safe for desks or nightstands where space is an issue. It is a Department of Justice (DOJ) approved metal guard that will keep your gun safe from unauthorized people.

It’s easy to mount under most surfaces with the quick-release bracket that is included in the purchase. If you’re looking for a cheap storage box or stepping up to better quality, this product will successfully fit any need without breaking the bank.

This Keyless Security Box is a powder-coated steel product that requires a key to unlock its contents through the front door that swings down vertically.

 It’s perfect for a range of small possessions, from jewelry and watches to cash and prescription medication. This model features an anti-pry bracket around the door for additional security. At the same time, it can accommodate most handguns in various positions on the removable felt-lined tray found inside its interior space.

The V-Line Keyless Security Box is a place to store your most prized possessions. It gives you an option to choose from 3 different lock types to ensure the safety of your belongings. You can also designate what alarm should go off if tampering is detected and the detector sensitivity level.

If trouble arises, just put in a 9V battery, and you’re set! In addition, to deter thieves from breaking into this box, it also lights up with LEDs every time someone opens the lid or triggers an alarm event.


  • Product Dimensions: ‎ 10.5 x 7.5 x 2.5 inches;
  • Weight: 2.34 Pounds


  • Sturdy.
  • Black powder finish.
  • Anti-pry brackets.
  • CA DOJ Approved.
  • Quick-release mounting function.


  • The buttons are not silent.

Final Verdict

The V-Line 2597 DeskMate is a keyless security box that mounts to most surfaces with included quick-release bracket. This gun safe provides a simple way to store your handgun securely and out of sight while still maintaining easy access when needed. The Department of Justice has approved this product for firearm storage.

4. Stealth Biometric Handgun Hanger Safe

The Stealth Biometric handgun safe is perfect for its versatility and technological advancement that puts it at the top of its game.

Keep yourself organized with this space-saving design that can hold up to five handguns, including two guns flat on top, while still allowing storage room for ammo, documents, and other valuables.

The door of that gun safe provides three entry modes so, no need to fumble with keys when seconds could save your life.

Stealth’s Biometric Handgun Hanger Safe is perfect for those who spend a lot of time at their desk. This safe will keep your gun locked up securely while you’re working away on your computer and watching TV or relaxing in front of the fire.

This weapon safe can be easily hung with screws or a hook thanks to its V-shaped coat hanger hook. It also comes with an LED light for visibility when there are no other lights nearby.

The Stealth Biometric Handgun Hanger Safe is complete California DOJ approval that attaches conveniently to the inside of your fire safe, wall, or door without altering its original appearance.

The Silent Mode ensures stealth when you want it for an easy escape. You can easily access your firearm with the push of a button to release a high-strength locking latch and use anti-pry tabs for added pry protection.

It has mounting holes and hardware included, so it attaches easily in minutes without the need for tools.


  • Item Dimensions LxWxH:12 x 9 x 9 inches
  • Weight:19lbs


  • Biometric scanner.
  • Electronic keypad feature.
  • 16-gauge steel construction.
  • Scratch-resistant sleeve.
  • Made in the USA.


  • Not fireproof.
  • Not provide quick access.

Final Verdict

The Stealth Biometric Handgun Hanger Safe is the safe option for gun owners who are worried about accidental shootings and kids getting to their guns. This gun safe is equipped with a fingerprint scanner, laser override key, and an electronic code. This high-security handgun hanger keeps your gun out of reach from any unauthorized users.

 5. INVIE Rifle Gun Safe

In the INVIE large gun safe for rifles and shotguns, you will find many security measures protecting your family from harm. It contains ten pre-punched mounting holes that allow you to mount it indoors or outdoors with concrete anchors securely.

The digital rifle safe comes equipped with an electronic lock that can be opened instantly using a PIN code. This gun cabinet is much larger and deeper long than most rifle cabinets on the market and provides ample space for storing several firearms and ammunition and other essential equipment related to personal protection.

It contains a height of 64 inches and a depth up to 40 inches wide. This big rifle cabinet has plenty of room inside, so you don’t have to worry about what needs extra storage now because there’s always tomorrow.

INVITE provides a solution with their sleek metal design available in black or silver for a quality rifle gun safe. The solid steel construction not only offers fire protection but also keeps unwanted hands out whether someone is trying to pick the lock or cut through it.

This safe has been designed to withstand all sorts of physical attacks while remaining tamper-proof due to keyless Biometric input that cannot be duplicated.

An Anti-theft alarm feature of this gun safe ensures that doors remain locked once inside unless authorized personnel has conducted ID authentication using Smart Cards or USB tokens, leaving you free from any worries.


  • Exterior Dimensions:11.8”(W) x 11”(D) x 55”(H) 
  • Internal Dimensions:11.6”(W) x 9.8” (H)
  • Weight:79.4 pounds


  • Sturdy.
  • Easy to install.
  • Alloy steel construction.
  • Re-programable digital access.
  • Drill-resistant hard plate.
  • Anti-pry bars.


  • It does not make it ideal for the gun to have scopes.

Final Verdict

This hefty safe is a great way to protect your family members with the power of modern technology. The front lock is a traditional keypad with which you can set up any PIN or password, so no one remembers them or figures them out. This rifle gun safe has gone nuclear for safety, and it does have an alarm.

6. Amazon Basics Steel Home Security Safe

The Amazon Basics Steel Home Security Safe is perfect for storing your valuables in one secured location. It is constructed with heavy-duty carbon steel with an 8-gauge steel door.

This gun safe offers everything you need to store and also use to maintain the security of important documents like jewelry and other items of value. This convenient 1.8-cubic foot mobile home safe features pre-drilled mounting holes with included hardware so that it can be fastened securely to walls or floorboards with ease.

If you live alone or don’t want others entering your space without your consent, it contains two live lock bolts and hidden hinges for extra reinforcement against unauthorized access.

The Amazon Basics Steel Home Security Safe will keep all your prized possessions secure and provides a programmable keypad with a backup key that keeps your valuables, guns, passports, and other important things safe from burglars and intruders.

This steel security safe has a 10.6″ chamber width that can hold cash, jewelry, and various other items up to 44 pounds in weight with ease.

The interior of this safe features finished seams for durability along parts intended for rough use such as hinges and braces without compromising the square footage inside.


  • Exterior measures 13.8 x 13 x 19.7 inches (L x W x H);
  • Interior measures 13.6 x 10.6 x 19.6 inches
  • Weight:37.5 pounds


  • Sturdy.
  • Pry resistant.
  • Include pre-drill mounting holes.
  • Back up key for emergency use.
  • Electronic keypad.
  • Heavy-duty carbon steel construction.


  • Not fire-resistant.

Final Verdict

Keep burglars and sneaky hands away from your personal belongings with this Amazon Basics steel home security safe. The exterior is rust-resistant alloys, while the inside provides eight versatile dividers for an organized lifestyle.

Just like its name suggests, the safe includes a keypad with backup keys as well as optional anti-theft locking oil (sold separately) to seal off any sticky fingers on your property’s treasure.

7. Stealth Handgun Hanger Safe

The Stealth Handgun Hanger Safe is the perfect place to store your guns which you can hang up on a wall or rest them horizontally behind a door. The hanger safe holds three handguns and two additional guns that are flat under two doors.

You can also set it up for silent mode by tapping the “silent” button before entering your code which means no beeping will go off when you open the door. This device meets or exceeds many of California’s stringent firearm safety guidelines, so now there is finally something professional grade available with all this power efficiency in mind.

The Stealth Handgun Hanger Safe is a great way to store your handgun securely when not in use. The door has been fitted with a spring mechanism to make accessing the handgun from either side quick and easy.

This safe comes equipped with a new power port which can be installed right on any wall outlet for instant activation without needing batteries or wiring to operate.

It also features an electronic keypad that allows you three secret numbers to activate at any time. Its solid steel anti-pry design provides peace of mind knowing your firearm will remain safeguarded in a place where nobody but you can access it.


External Dimensions :12 x 9 x 9 inches

Item Weight:15 pounds


  • Sturdy 
  • High-strength locking latch.
  • Power port included.
  • Thick anti-pry bars.
  • Heavy door.


  • Does not provide quick access.
  • The interior light is very dim.
  • The beep button is quite loud.

Final Verdict

The Stealth Handgun Hanger Safe is designed to hang on the back of any door without fear of detection. Its sleek black metal profile cannot be identified as a gun safe but will stop nearly all hand-held burglars before they ever notice it.

The innovative spring-loaded door with a keypad allows instant access to your firearm during an emergency.

8.  Biometric Pistol Safe SVB500

The Speed vault Biometric Pistol Safe is the ultimate in biometric security items. This safe holds up to 20 fingerprints which makes opening easy with its fingerprint scanner and button on the front.

The 18-gauge steel construction will make you feel like your item is well protected, while the compact foam-lined interior provides padded protection for valuables one wants to keep inside.

There are no more worries about forgetting passwords or combinations. It has a fingerprint scanner that can be programmed with up to 20 individual fingerprints.

This gun vault is sturdy and secure, with a 20-year history of gaming biometrics. A backup key of this gun safe contains two bolts on the door that provide additional security measures if the fingerprint reader misread certain digits.

The inside foam padding makes storing your weapons easy and safe, all while maintaining impressive proximity to those who might need it most in everyday life.

The Speed vault Biometric is the perfect way to protect your handgun. It is equipped with a 12mm-thick steel backplate and a flexible seal that provides 400 pounds of resistance against prying attacks.

The 5500 series includes two latching bolts on the top, which help to prevent unauthorized access by attaching it tightly to any flat surface. This safe is also fingerprint reader enabled, so you can lock via biometric thumbprint recognition, an internal electronic lock or keypad entry code, or use both for double security.


  • External Dimensions LxWxH: 6.5 x 3.5 x 13 inches
  • Weight: 0.5 kilogram.


  • Sturdy.
  • 18-gauge steel construction.
  • Anti-theft alarm.
  • Store 20 unique fingerprints.
  • Electronic lock function.


  • The instructions are not clearly defined.

Final Verdict

This biometric safe is the latest innovation in fingerprint technology. A small box of 18-gauge steel lined with foam padding. This gun safe also offers a patented spring-latch lock system that can be used with backup keys to access all contents inside. No one will ever get their grimy hands on your guns again!

9. Sentry Safe QAP1BE Gun Safe

The Sentry Safe Biometric Safe is perfect for the person who wants their belongings to stay locked up tight with a sophisticated high-security touch. This biometric safe has plenty of room inside with 25 fire-resistant steel gun racks and three shelves that offer you enough space for essential survival materials like food, water, and first aid supplies.

For convenience, it also has a programmable digital keypad on the front and an auto-open function when your safe is unlocked, making this product convenient and discreet.

It passes the tough standards set by UL (Underwriters Laboratories), so your valuables can be secure even in unforeseen disasters such as fires or flooding.

The Sentry Safe QAP1BE Biometric Safe gives you all the benefits of fire protection, burglary deterrents, and tamper-resistant technology. It can hold up to 2 rifles or shotguns externally within its smooth textured interior surfaces.

A digital keypad features a biometric scanner with an RFID biosensor. This ergonomic system will not let intruders get in even if they know your password. This compact design also sports an alarm that sounds when unauthorized entry occurs. This gun safe is an important safeguard for homeowners looking to protect their valuables from theft.


  • Exterior: 12.1 inch W x 9.9 inch D. x 3.2 inch H; 
  • Interior 9.7 inch W x 6.7 inch D x 2.2 inch H; 
  • Weighs 12 pounds; 


  • Sturdy.
  • Pry-resistant door.
  • Anti-theft alarm.
  • Rechargeable batteries.
  • Soft inner lining.
  • Digital keypad.


  • The gas piston does not work well.

Final Verdict

This Sentry Safe gun safe is perfect for protecting your valuables. This Sentry Safe can get you the protection that’s needed with an anti-theft alarm, key lock, and biometric technology.

The alloy steel material makes it durable enough to keep your belongings protected while you’re away.

10. PINE WORLD Biometric Gun Safe for Pistols

PINK WORLD Biometric Pistol Safe has the capacity to hold 2 guns. The smart safe features 360° fingerprint scanning for quick and efficient access. This gun safe can store up to 40 fingerprints which will be instrumental in accessing your two handguns.

This safe has a fully integrated solid steel construction with robust protection against pry attacks and fire and water damage. You can also install this unit somewhere near your nightstand or on any other suitable flat surface for easy accessibility.

This gun safe includes a fireproof lockbox for pistols, built-in Bluetooth sound, an alarm system, and a cellular connection that allow you to track who tries to access your pistol case through its downloadable app.

This portable gun safe is fast enough to unlock within 0.5 seconds using only a fingerprint or remote control, resisting damage from external sources, assuring that it will protect your valuables for years on end no matter where life takes you.

This safe is perfect for any household with kids and guns. A combination, fingerprint, or keypad can operate the locking mechanism to make it hassle-free. It also comes with an optional alarm that alerts you of intrusion (sound) or remains silent (mute), which makes your precious items secure.


  • External Dimensions LxWxH: 13.4 x 10.86 x 3.6 inches
  • Weight:16.5 pounds


  • ·         Durable.
  • ·         360degree fingerprint rotation.
  • ·         Alloy steel construction.
  • ·         One-year warranty.
  • ·         AN advanced biometric technology.
  • ·         Gas spring.


  • 10-gauge steel construction.

 Final Verdict

PINK WORLD Biometric Gun Safe is made with quality and durability in mind. You can access your pistol and ammo within half a second by using your fingerprint or remote control, making it tough for intruders to break into the safe without knowing the password! Don’t hesitate any longer; order yours today!

Best Gun Safe Under 200

The Best Gun Safe Under 200-Buying Guide

Suppose you want to opt for something more expensive, like the best gun safe for under $200.The following are some important considerations you must keep in mind for making your purchase worthy.


No matter what you keep in a gun cabinet, it must be able to endure normal wear and tear. Purchase a gun safe with solid construction. It would be best if you also looked for anything on the surface, such as scratches or dents, that might impair the item’s durability when compressed from an outside source.

Locking Function

When you choose a high-quality gun unit, you may choose from a variety of locking choices. However, there are just three locking options that are extremely popular and simple to use. Biometric, Electric Keypad, and Manually Key are the three options. Try to go along with the safe that has all three lock methods available.

Thick walls

When choosing the best gun safe for your firearms, the minimum thickness is the most significant consideration. Try to get a safe with a gauge of 14-18 that will keep Bulgars away from your stored guns. Your stored guns are not safe if the unit’s walls are thin.


If you want to travel with your firearm, consider purchasing a lightweight handgun safe. Purchase a high-security cable to secure the lightweight safe to any hard surface. If you’re planning to keep yourself safe inside of the house, any weight will suffice.

Solid Door Construction

The sturdier the material used to build the door, the better the protection against external pressures like break-ins and fires. A safe that has at least a 14-inch steel door structure is suggested.

Excessive Storage

Always consider how many weapons you’ll be storing and whether you’ll be buying more in the future. If you’re happy with your existing guns, then stick with them. If you plan on storing additional documents or papers, invest in a safe that can accommodate all of your other goods.

Pre-drilled holes

If you’re planning to keep a gun safe at home or the office, go for the rifle safe with pre-drilled holes. Thanks to pre-drilled holes, the safe may be mounted on a hard surface or even in the wall for additional security.

If the device does not arrive with a pre-drilled hole, you can use a drilling machine to pre-drill a hole for installation reasons.

 Easy to mountain

You should keep reaching out to the kids because you don’t want them to learn how to handle weapons or play with them.

As a consequence, the mountain should be stored safely in the most secure position possible. Many safes under $200 can be mounted almost everywhere.

Design and color

The colors and patterns of the safes under $200 were fantastic. The Water-resistant double-door safes in grey, black, green, and other hues surely attract your eye. They not only protect your guns, but they also add beauty to the decor of your space.


Most of the features found in more expensive safes may be found in a safe that costs less than $200. Nowadays, gun safes are available in a different range of sizes to suit your needs. There are several sizes to choose from, including large, medium, and small, according to your space and need. To assist in maximizing the internal space, there are also removable racks and shelves.

Best Gun Safe Under 200

Frequently Asked questions

1. How do you keep a small gun safe?

A small gun safe may be secured without being bolted to the floor. All you need is a big piece of steel. Grab the weapon safe, fill it with all of your valuables, then fasten it with strong steel. And you’ll be ready to go with your small gun safe.

2. Will a low-cost gun safe keep my weapons secure?

Your expensive guns may be safeguarded in it, despite its modest size. You won’t have to be concerned about it if you lock it properly. They’ll keep all of your guns secure.

3. Is a dehumidifier required for my lockbox?

Yes, a dehumidifier is required for your gun cabinet. Almost everybody uses it to get rid of any excess moisture. It’s also crucial to use it. As a result, you should use a dehumidifier.

4. Is there anything particular that has to be done with gun safes?

You must provide extra care for your gun safe because the weapon safe would become dull and filthy over time. Your safe, too, requires particular care to maintain it clean and gleaming.

5. Why aren’t low-cost safes fire-resistant?

Like anything else in life, the less price you spend, the fewer features you will receive. In the realm of gun safes, if you want a decent quality safe at a low price, you must compromise on some aspects that are normally sacrificing the fire rating.

6. Which brands are the most trustworthy?

There are several brands available. However, if you want to buy any trustworthy goods, you can rely on a few companies. Stack-On, Sentry-Safe, Liberty Safe, Honeywell, Gun Vault, Sturdy Safe, Hamilton Safe, and a slew of more brands are among them.

7. Is it necessary to have a safe gun warranty?

A guarantee is, of course, required! You wouldn’t want to buy a defective product if you couldn’t do anything about it, would you? At least one year guarantee provides you with some extra peace of mind.


If you’re in the market for a safe to store your firearms, we recommend that you do not skimp on price and buy an inexpensive model. Cheap safes can be easily broken into or stolen from with little effort.

The best gun safe under $200 is one of our most popular models because it has great features such as electronic lock protection, steel construction, and easy installation. It’s also made by a company known for making high-quality products, so there is no need to worry about buying something cheap that will break down after a few years of use!

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