Best Gun Safe Under 2000

Top 7 Best Gun Safe Under 2000 in 2023 [ UPdated ]

A gun safe is a device used to store firearms and other weapons in an environment that is physically and electronically secure.

This security measure aims to prevent unauthorized access or theft, with the most common form being a locked metal box that various locking mechanisms can secure.

A weapon storage locker may also include insulation against heat, cold, and water damage, battery backup power sources for alarms or lights, fire suppression systems (such as sprinklers), steel-reinforced doors/walls/shelves to protect from explosions within the room in question, and blast-proofing materials such as shatterproof glass.

The following blog post is about the best gun safe under 2000. If you are searching safe gun to store your firearm, this article will introduce you to some popular brands on the market.

Many factors go into consideration while choosing a good safe, like size, durability, features, and price.

This article provides information on all of these topics to help make your choice.

Our Top Picks of the Best Gun Safe Under 2000

 1. Stack-On TD-40-SB-E-S Total Defense 36-40 Gun Safe with Electronic Lock,

Stack-On’s TD-40-SB-E-S gun safe carries 36 to 40 guns for convenience. This gun safe is equipped with five adjustable shelves; the gun safe is fire resistant for 75 minutes to 1400 F and waterproof in up to 2 feet of standing water. 

A sturdy steel front door latch has a 3-point locking system, a double-bitted lock cylinder with anti-drill protection plates, and both handles and key locks for simple access no matter the circumstance.

It contains a rotate dial on a 1 x 19-inch door panel area bullet or coin-operated opener window before going about your day if you don’t have an original key handy!

The stylish black exterior provides a sleek look wherever it’s placed in the home. Inside is ample storage for rifles, shotguns, and pistols while still displaying them proudly on either side of the interior door.

The sturdy handle of this gun safe makes carrying easier, while plush carpeting adds comfort when storing or retrieving items inside. This innovative component also includes an electronic lock that alerts you if there’s ever a power outage, low battery warning, or incorrect entry using 4-way locking (deadbolt locks provide added strength).

There are 1 ½” tapered live-action locking bolts meaning once it’s closed, no one can access any sanctuary within.


  • Internal Dimensions: (W x D x H): 26.5 x 18.75 x 55.75″
  • External Dimensions: (W x D x H): 29.25 x 25.5 x 59″


  • Hold 36 to 40 guns. 
  • Fire-resistant for 75 minutes upto1400 F.
  • 4-Way locking function. 
  • Backup key included.
  • 1.5 inch tapered live-action locking bolt.


  • Inside shelves are small in size.

 Final Verdict:

The Stack-On TD-40-SB-E has an electronic lock that is controlled by a discreet, low-profile push button. The galvanized steel door and drawer provide maximum security, and the silver powder coat finish ensures lasting beauty.

Inside you’ll find convenient features like adjustable shelves and drawers for your convenience and creativity! Lock up your favorite collectibles such as guns, knives, ammo, jewelry (and more) one collection at a time; this safe will feel like home!

2. Barska New Fireproof Fire Vault Rifle Gun

It’s important to make sure you’re ready for any disaster. Now Keep your guns safe and secure with the Barska New Fireproof Rifle Gun.

The vault is an innovative rifle holder that can store up to 45 rifles and all of their necessary accessories such as clips, optics, scopes, and other small items.

There’s no need to worry about security because the electronic keypad ensures a user-sensitive code is required before gaining entry into the vault for quick access in case of emergencies or disasters requiring immediate weapons use.

It features stainless steel wire shelves with rounded corners that are easier on gun finishes. CA DOJ Approved Rifles Vault Plus Mounting Hardware Kit includes mounting hardware and one 9V battery, which will prevent activation alarm.

The Barska Fireproof Gun Vault is made of steel and can contain up to 45 guns. If you have too many long guns, it’s an excellent option for storing them instead of wasting space on shelves or walls.

You can also store your handgun(s) inside, should they be roomy enough for this amount. Imagine the peace of mind you’ll learn that any firearm in this vault will be safe should a home fire break out and other family members need rescuing first!

Don’t forget the backup keys: if there is no power available, those keypads won’t work, but these secondary keys will keep your firearms accessible all the same.


  • Outer dimension: L x W x H 40inch x 22inch x 59.06inch
  • Inner dimension: 37.05inch x 16.6inch x 56.1inch
  • Weight: 667lbs


  • 45 rifles storing capacity.
  • Removable position rack.
  • Quick entry electronic keypad. 
  • CA DOJ Approved.
  • Emergency backup keys.
  • Mounting hardware & 9V battery.


  • It is heavyweight.

 Final Verdict:

The Barska new fireproof rifle gun is a great way to ensure what you love most will be protected and always available. The electronic key lock provides reliable access to your firearm–even as it automatically relocks after each use.

This vault safe has 60 minutes of continuous fire protection at 1700 degrees Fahrenheit and can be bolted down for maximum security. Barska’s new fireproof rifle gun is a solid option to save your precious items.

3. Kodiak KB5529ECS Gun Safe

Take your gun storage to a whole other level with the Kodiak KB5529ECS Gun Safe. It offers adjustable shelving and interior walls to make the most of the generous space inside.

It comes with predrilled holes for added convenience, making it easy for you to add a dehumidifier (not included) right through the steel door. These 3/8″ holes allow this high-performance device to efficiently and effectively remove moisture, thereby protecting both contents and integrity of the safe itself.

Flexibility is important for any home or office so, this gun safe includes hardware that can be used with concrete floors with no modifications needed so, you’ll always have access when you need it!

The Kodiak KB5529ECS Gun Safe is a powerful safe with a metal construction with a sealed door to keep the cold out. To enter, you can use your fingerprint, keypad entry code, or key card.

All of these things work with the backup override key in case of emergencies. The product measures 26″ x66″x20″ and has a 13-gauge sheet metal exterior with an insulation thickness of 18 inches for complete protection from rusting and corrosion while inside the home or room.

It includes four locking bolts that provide maximum protection while preventing unwanted entry into unauthorized people inside your house. With all the features included in this gun safe, it may just be what you’ve been looking for!


  • External dimensions: 55″H x 29″W x 20″D 
  • Weight: 385 pounds


  • 30 guns saving capacity.
  • Fireproof rated for 30 minutes.
  • 2.00m thick steel composite.
  • UL Listed commercial-grade


  • Not suitable for storing large guns that have scope.

Final Verdict:

The Kodiak KB5529ECS Gun Safe is a stylish and operable electronic safe that will keep your weapons out of the grasp of children and thieves. The steel alloy construction locks with an inner locking mechanism and offers protection from vandalism.

This product is perfect for storing anything from jewelry to personal firearms. The interior door includes a water-resistant seal that prevents moisture from entering or seeping through if there are any emergencies.

4. Kodiak Gun Safe

Protect your treasures with this Kodiak Gun Safe. This gun safe contains 2.00MM thick steel walls that will keep your valuables away from temperature variances, securing both inside and out.

There are two live locks for closing the door without moving the dials or handles. Push on them to securely lock everything in place while still leaving one free hand for carrying things.

For maximum protection, digital locking cylinders are included that offer state-of-the-art encryption with 1024-bit keys and can be programmed with up to 10 different unique codes!

A heat-activated door seal expands up to 7 times its original thickness (to form a nearly impenetrable barrier against fire) when temperatures exceed 248°F.

One of the most crucial investments you can make is in your safety, which is why no gun owner should be without a Kodiak Safe.

This steel-plated safe protects your firearms with an anti-tamper clutch that locks if any of the mechanisms are tampered with or removed. The U.L. Listed commercial-grade Type 1 electronic lock means it’s secure enough to protect even more of what matters to you on top of your guns.

This gun safe meets all California requirements for firearm safes, so you know you’re covered when buying this safe, protecting yourself while promoting Second Amendment rights at the same time.


  • External dimensions: 59″H x 33″W x 20″D 
  • Weight: 420 pounds


  • 40 minutes fire protection.
  • 2.00 m thick steel composite.
  • 32 guns saving capacity.
  • 8 door bolts.
  • 3-spoke vault style handle
  • UL Listed commercial-grade


  • Expensive.

Final Verdict

The Kodiak KB5933ECX Gun Safe for Rifles and Pistols is a high-security, heavy-duty safe to protect your valuables from burglary. This gun safe features an all-welded design with a 1/4inch alloy steel plate exterior, so it can’t be pried open or cut easily.

  If you want a gun safe for more than just storage space, then this gun safe with 12 gauge walls that are triple fire sealed provides security from fires, smoke, or water damage to get inside of your precious items.

5. Snap Safe Vault Room

The Snap Safe Vault Room is the home security system for those on a budget. This room can give you peace of mind, and it’s also easy to install, thanks to the included installation guide.

The Lock Safe digital lock and key backup mean you won’t have to worry about forgetting your keys or having them stolen.

It features 12 Gauge thick fabric, which exceeds government standards, a full swing door opening that is generously wider than most standard doors (32″ x 81″), an internal clearance width of 27.4″, and a weight capacity of 330lbs (outside measurement: 32.8″).

Additionally, this item includes all tools and hardware needed for assembly in a handy tool kit – everything you need will be there!

This is a secure method to store your firearms when you need more than a locked drawer or safe. It is designed for indoor use. This heavy-duty room has thick steel walls with an impact-resistant steel door that’s harder to break into than wood.

Its heavy-duty room covers the entire floor surface, and impact-resistant steel doors are harder to break into than wood. Its Rear sliding access panel enables firearm removal without opening the front door, making it hard to attach hinges and locking mechanism. It Secures on 4″ x 4″ concrete blocks using anchor bolts for extreme stability.


Item Dimensions LxWxH:86.25 x 40.25 x 11.25 inches

  Weight: 320lbs


  • 12 Gauge thick exterior door. 
  • 1-inch live locking bolts.
  • 3 spoke safe handle.
  • Mounting kit & 2 keys


  • The door is not air-tight.

Final Verdict

The Snap Safe Vault Room Door is like no other in the market today. The sturdy steel non-electrical door comes with a lock that only D-sized keys can open. It also has three inches of insulation on the back, enabling it to function without any additional services like heat or air conditioning needed during installation.

This durable and reliable room space protector is sure to be a great investment for every household that needs security and peace of mind at all times.

6. Stealth 23 Gun Safe

The Stealth 23 Gun Safe has everything you need to keep your guns and valuables safe. With high-security features like the electronic lock and ergonomics like the adjustable shelving, this gun safe offers a cutting-edge design that’s functional and secure.

All steel construction ensures protection from fire, theft, or accidents, while a thicker 14-gauge steel door assures long-lasting performance for years of use.

EGS23 Stealth 23 Gun Safe is U.L. approved with an N.L. universal lock and protected by a hard plate and re-locker. The cutting-edge design looks great in any room of your home or office, no matter what color scheme you choose!

This 30 Minute Fire rated gun safe is perfect for storing all your weapons and ammo at home or work. The Intumescent door seal will expand to keep smoke out while the electrical outlet will power your equipment, such as a T.V. remote camera, smartphone charger, laptop, etc.

It also includes an installed molle door panel organizer with accessories like flashlight holders and document straps, making this the perfect storage unit!

Its features include a dual gun rack with several adjustable shelves. This flat black paint has been covered in a black 3-spoke handle and ghosted logos to hide it from intruders that trying to break into it.


  • External Dimensions: 59″ H x 24″ W x 18″ D
  • Internal Dimensions:56″ H x 21″ W x 12″ D
  • Weight: 293lbs


  • Thick 14 Gauge Steel.
  • 8-Solid Steel Locking Bolts.
  • Molle Door Panel Organizer.
  • Dual Gun Rack. 
  • Adjustable shelf features.


  • Expensive

Final Verdict

The Stealth 23 Gun Safe is the perfect home security system for any household. This gun safe is built with durable steel alloy and an electronic lock and will protect your expensive firearms from theft or dangerous intruders.

Its built-in alarm alerts you if someone attempts to enter uninvited. This high-security vault is sure to keep the peace inside your army base of operations without having to spend big bucks on similarly priced guns at one of those fancy gat huts. 

 7.  Snap Safe Digital Modular Safe

Finally, a solution to all of your safe needs without having to sacrifice any closet space! Snap Safe Liberty series modular safes are the perfect answer for securing guns or valuables in an emergency.

You can even use it as a means of security when away from home, thanks to it being conveniently portable small in size, and lightweight. The Liberty’s versatility doesn’t stop at just securing firearms.

However – you also have the Liberty of organizing firearms, jewelry, personal electronics, or any other smaller items with over seven available compartments, including an adjustable lined shelf.

It also contains a Powder-coated finish with a lined interior, which gives it a sleek appearance and protects against rusting.

The Snap-Safe Tall Titan Digital Modular Safe offers security and stability as well as a clever modular design. The unit can be assembled in just a few minutes without any additional tools, has predrilled floor holes for added stability, and features a sledgehammer and pry-bar-resistant steel door with thick nine-gauge steel exterior walls.

It also comes with a high-quality U.L.-approved electronic lock and 2300 degree F one-hour fire shield protection, heat-activated door fire seals that protect against fires up to 1 hour long.

It contains eight locking bolts on the inside of the door panel so, your belongings are protected every step of the way.

This gun safe also includes five ¾” hinges constructed from sturdy 1026b 11 gauge metal, which keep attack points narrow, giving you.


  • Exterior: 59″H x 22″W x 17.5″ D.
  • Interior: 55.125″H x 17″W x 14.5″ D.
  • Weight: 400lbs


  • Thick 9- gauge steel exterior walls.
  • Predrilled for floor mounting.
  • 8, 1-inch steel locking bolts. 
  • One-hour Fire Shield Protection up to 2300degree F.


  • Units are tricky to assemble.

Final Verdict

The Snap Safe Titan Safe is perfect for home or work use. It has a large chamber to fit most electronic devices and some huge opening upfront that’s 8 inches deep. This slick titan is also equipped with a standard lock type installed, which features 3-inch bolts buried into the walls for added strength. So, keep your precious items safe in them and leave all of your worries behind when you purchase the Quick-Access Storage Safe today!

Best Gun Safe Under 2000

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Factors Consider for Choosing the Best Gun Safe Under 2000

There are many gun safes available in the market for under $2000. It is difficult to choose the one among them for you. You get confused about what things should be considered when buying a safe and how to choose the best gun safe under 2000. The following points are worth considering at that time:

Size, weight, and capacity of the safe

Guns come in different sizes and weights and vary in capacity. You need to buy a safe that can hold your pistols and other guns safely with enough room for future storage if needed.

If you want to store rifles, too, make sure that there is enough height inside them so that you don’t have trouble accessing them when required.

Also, look at how much these items add to the overall weight of the safe. If you are planning to shift homes, how much will it weigh?


You need to have a deeper look at how the doors open and how securely they close on their own. Some safes have only one door but offer more space inside; some have two doors with an inner layer that helps in protecting guns from scratches or dust accumulation.

These points should be considered at the time of buying the best gun safe under 2000.

Lock system

 There are different kinds of locking systems available in the market today “tumbler locks,” “combination dials,” etc.; burglars easily pick some while some are very difficult to do so.

 The lock system needs to be checked before buying the best gun safe.

Combination or key lock

There are safes available with combination locks that open up when you enter the right code to gun safe.

On the other hand, there are some with keys that are more secure in choosing the best gun safe.

Look at how these locks work and how they can be accessed before buying the best gun safe for your ammo.

Fireproofing Gun Safe

More expensive safes come with a fire protection system. This does not mean that cheaper ones won’t help in keeping your guns safe. But, the best gun safe under 2000 ensures that your items are not damaged if they are exposed to fire.

Protect your family

If you have children in your house, you need to keep them protected by keeping guns out of reach. Safes with the ability to keep your weapons away from burglary or burglary attempts will ensure that kids don’t encounter them.


You can get the best gun safe in the price range under $500 – $6000. Some are large and store many different kinds of guns, while some can only keep one or two guns only.

Steel Guage

When it comes to safe gun security, steel gauge is by far the most significant consideration.

You may make your long guns more secure by using a smaller gauge.

Consider at least a 10-12 gauge or lower gun safe, which will make it more difficult for an illegal person to break into the device.


Almost all gun safes may be altered. This implies that you may rearrange the racks’ arrangement, as well as their height and size. Some firearms come with additional built-in compartments that can be adjusted according to needs, while others come with just two racks to split the safe into three sections. If you have tiny accessories that you wish to keep in classified locations, gun safes are an issue.

Sealing the door

A seal on the door of a gun safe is feasible. This is an optional feature that most gun safes do not include. Because a space separates the gun-safe door and the interior storage, this space allows moisture to enter, eroding metallic goods if left on the side for an extended period.


Although it is an optional feature, you will find that having interior illumination in the safe is quite useful in low light or emergencies. If your gun safe does not include a lighting function, get a backup flashlight and keep it near the gun safe in case of an emergency.


The weight of a gun safe is considerable. If you intend to relocate them frequently, they may be a real nuisance. Once you’ve decided where you want to put it, treat it like a permanent fixture. Some gun safes may be disassembled into pieces, making them easier to transport from one location to another. This comes at the price of having to reassemble everything, which can be a hassle. The door of a gun safe bears the brunt of the weight. You may also remove the door and move it around. This can help you lose up to 40% of your weight.

Certification by UL

Underwriters Laboratories, or UL, is a company that tests safes. This certification, known as the RSC (Residential Security Certification), verifies that a safe can resist a “professional” attack lasting up to five minutes.

The UL certification also assures that a safe is fireproof. Temperatures within a fireproof safe must not exceed a specified level in a certain amount of time.


Best Gun Safe Under 2000

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I put my gun safe in the garage?

Garages are ideal for storing firearms since they are often built on a cement slab, are flat, and do not require stairs.
However, it has drawbacks, including temperature fluctuations and the fact that anyone can see your safe when the garage door is open.
Before making this decision, make sure to examine the advantages and disadvantages.

2. Is it a good idea to secure my safe with a bolt?

Your gun safe should be secured with a bolt, no matter what. By tipping the safe over and forcing the door open or simply stealing the safe contents, anyone can gain access to a gun safe.
Both of these problems can be readily resolved by simply fastening a safe to the ground and locking it there. It is a simple job that takes only a few minutes to do.

3. Is buying a gun safe a wise decision?

Every gun owner should make a habit of locking their safe while not in use. To enter the gun safe, flip it over and pry it open using a pry bar.
You can also bring the entire safe with you if necessary. Both solutions are simple to use and secure the safe to the ground with a bolt.

4. Are My Guns rust In A Safe?

Sulfur reacts with water in the air and generates sulfuric acid and hydrogen sulfide if the humidity in your gun safe is high. In either case, your firearms will be harmed, and they will eventually rust.
If you want a product that will not rust your firearms, choose one of the high-end gun safes on the market today that is rustproof and dustproof.

5. Which Cleaning Methods Are Best for Gun Safes?

Safes for firearms that are affordable don’t have to be cleaned as regularly. But, if you are living in a humid place, I recommend wiping down the door bolts of your safes with a dry cloth to eliminate any rust that has built up.


The best gun safe under $2000 will depend on what you need the safe to do for you. If it needs to hold a lot of guns, then your options are more limited, and price becomes an important consideration because the cost increases with increased capacity.

But if you want protection for one or two firearms, many great affordable safes could meet your needs.

When deciding which is the right gun safe for you, make sure to compare different brands’ offerings side-by-side so that you can pick out something that suits your preferences as well as fits within your budget.


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