Best Gun Safe Under 800

Top 7 Best Gun Safe Under 800 in 2023 [ Updated ]

Gun safes are a necessity for anyone who has guns in their home. Owning a gun is an important responsibility, and it’s important to keep your firearm safe from unauthorized access. Gun owners need the best gun safe because these units will protect against fire, burglary, and theft.

The best gun safe that is easy to install and doesn’t break the bank consider one of these best gun safes under 800. A glance at any one of these makes it clear they are sturdily built to protect your firearms from theft or damage. 

The best gun safe has lock combinations as well as keyed locks which make them even more secure. These units also come with features like shelves, drawer storage space, and special compartments for handguns. 

The best gun safe under 800 has a lot of features to consider before making a purchase. This blog post will help you a lot to understand the different aspects of buying a gun safely and make your buying decision easy.

Check out our blog post below if you want more information on the benefits of this great purchase!

Our top 7 picks of Best Gun Safe Under 800

1. Sentry’s EF4-738E  – Best Gun Safe Our top Pick

Best Pick

Sentry’s safe is perfect for those who know what they want. With a temperature rating of up to 1400°F and three-point locking, this gun safe protects an uninsulated steel box four times. This gun safe is sturdy enough to withstand explosives. The Sentry Safe has the guaranteed security you need in any situation with 72 hours of protection that can be bumped by four more hours if needed with EMP technology. 

This all-metal construction offers peace without worry where only you have access, thanks to integrated side handles with the side of the front door and two angled recessed handles at each end for easy carrying when desired.

The Sentry Safe EF4738E 732-QT 14-Gun Electronic Lock Safe can hold up to fourteen guns and features heavy-duty 1.5″ steel plates for security and protection against theft, two live-locking bolts, and four deadbolts for double the protection.

It contains a digital combination lock with concealed hinges to make your firearms even harder to discover and an electric dehumidifier to decrease damage due to moisture during temperature changes.

It’s made from quality USA steel that has been constructed following ASTM construction standards. This gun safe also comes preassembled, so you’ll be ready to go right out of the box!

The Sentry Safe EF4738E gun safe contains alkaline AA batteries with an integrated storage compartment for AA batteries to keep your favorite extras on hand until needed. Stock up before the emergency hits and get versatility–you never know when something might need power right away!


  • Exterior: 21.7inch W x 19inch D x 37.7inch H; 
  • Interior: 19.4inch W x 11.7inch D x 35.7inch H;
  • Item weight:183.6lbs


  • 72 hours water protection.
  • Thirty minutes of fire protection.
  • Digital lock function.
  • Steel construction.
  • Live locking bolts.


  • It’s too large.

Final Verdict

The Sentry Safe EF4738E is a waterproof, fireproof safe that includes anti-theft features to give you peace of mind. This brand has been manufacturing quality safes for over 70 years. This latest version offers all-metal construction with durable materials and trust. It also provides three environmental protection levels Water-resistant, Fire resistant, Flood Proof. So, all your precious items are safe under any condition.

2. MonsterVault Dual Lock Under Bed Safe – Best Under Bed Gun Safe

Staff Pick

The Dual Lock Under Bed Safe provides 100 pounds of roomy storage space with a lock and key to secure all your valuables using the latest construction technology.

The fully-welded door exceeds industry standards for security, and top-quality steel offers an impressive three cubic feet of storage that make it perfect for users needing hidden garage-like protection without installing a floor safe in their homes. 

It contains durable mounting brackets that ensure stable installation under any bed, while its portable design means it’s always within arm’s reach!

The Under Bed Safe provides three different drawers to keep your things organized and peace of mind knowing that what you store in it will be inaccessible to young children or would-be intruders. 

This safe is the perfect size to accommodate all of your valuables without compromising on space.

This lockbox is easily programmable with a 3-8digit combination code; this lockbox is much more than just an under-bed storage solution.

If anything goes wrong, there could be items inside that need protection too! With locks that never wear out and 140 lbs worth of weight, this safe will always stay.


  • External Dimensions: 7″ H x 48″ W x 28″ D
  • Weight: 140lbs


  • Steel construction.
  • Three cubic feet storage capacity.
  • Huge slide-out draw.
  • Digital programming combination lock.


  • Draws move backward &forward sometimes.

Final Verdict

The Monster Vault Under Bed Safe comes in a heavy-duty, 3 cubic feet storage area. It has 140 pounds of “cold rolled” steel construction and a huge horizontal slide-out drawer, which can be manually pushed or pulled easily.

The safe’s exterior is made from rust-resistant material that will not chip or corrode. The handy digital programmable combination lock can make combinations up to 8 digits long for extravagant security purposes so, all your valuables keep safe in this bed safe.

3. Hornady Rapid Safe Ready – Touch Free Gun Safe

Budget Pick

The Hornady Rapid Safe Ready Vault is the only touch-free gun safe that will unlock for you by simply holding your finger against its biometric plate.

It features patented RIFD Technology, which responds to your finger’s touch in less than a blink of an eye, meaning accessing your firearms can be done with lightning speed while remaining securely locked away.

The safe weighs 170 pounds and has three-point interior anchoring system legs, so no holes are drilled into or near walls. The Hornady Rapid Safe Includes four RFID tags, enough to give every member of the family one. Check out the video tutorial on how easy it is to get inside this great gun safe!

The Rapid Safe Ready Vault’s RFID Technology is a time-saving solution for those with lots of firearms and limited storage space. A metal interior peg wall can be swapped to accommodate any weapon type or size, including long guns up to 75″ long.

The gun racks are available for easy mounting in multiple configurations; each rack holds ten rifles or shotguns. You don’t need an armful of keys anymore! Say goodbye to digging around for your key. Instead, use its digital keypad as you would use in your smartphone screen. 

Its AC power ensures that during disasters where access to outlets may be limited, the vault operates without interruption via its 100 AH sealed lead acid battery (included). It also contains built-in LED lamps to brighten the interior at night when


  • External dimensions: 52.2″ x 20″ x 15.1″ (add 1.7″ for handle)
  • Internal dimensions: 51.8″ x 19″ x 12.7″
  • Weight:170lbs


  • Easy to install.
  • Easy keypad access.
  • Digital keypad function.
  • RFID technology.
  • Key offers additional entry methods.


  • Expensive.

Final Verdict

The Hornady Rapid Safe Ready Vault with RFID Technology is the perfect solution for keeping your valuables safe. This vault’s built-in digital keypad locks when not in use and only opens with a PIN, which you can set and change at any time.

The heavy-duty construction offers strength and durability, while the 12-gauge steel tray keeps items concealed and provides you with great protection.

4. Snap Safe Under Bed Safe – Quick Acceaa Gun Safe

The Snap Safe under-bed safe offers a completely new way to protect your possessions from theft. Don’t settle for inferior products that can be easily accessed by potential thieves or family members who might snoop through your things in the night. 

The wide, large-capacity slide-out drawer accommodates multiple shotguns and other valuables for careful protection under your mattress. All shotgun enthusiasts out there don’t have to sacrifice the carrying capability of this product because it will store up to 3 firearms safely in one place!

There is a digital lock (3-8digit access code) or backup key if you’re not sure about redundant security features with this home defense solution.

The snap safe under bed safe is a high-quality steel trunk designed to fit within the trunk of your larger SUV. 

It is especially useful for protecting valuables so you can ensure they are well hidden yet still easily accessible at all times without sacrificing valuable interior space.

The Snap Safe Under Bed Safe weighs one pound and is constructed of 14 gauge heavy-duty steel. The site has been specifically designed to comfortably fit inside most sedan trunks, making it an ideal choice if you’re looking for another option outside of traditional lockboxes or under-the-seat storage.

The SSUBS can be securely locked with two padlocks (not included), ensuring that the contents will not be tampered with until opened by either owner.

You can easily install it yourself without tools or hardware, saving you time and money. For maximum security, your cable is long enough for securing between two pieces of furniture. Clients rely on a five-foot anchor cable that secures items with post-mounted bottom flanges that can be screwed into surfaces like carpeting or tile floors.


  • External dimensions:48″ x24″ x7″
  • Internal dimensions:44″ x21″ x5″
  • Weight:1pound.


  • It is constructed with 14-gauge heavy-duty steel.
  • Pry-resistant door design.
  • Also, work as a trunk safe for a small SUV.
  • Space-saving design.


  • Very loud beep when keypad button pressed.

Final Verdict

The Snap Safe Under Bed Safe is designed to keep your most important items secure. The keyless lock on this safe operates on the keypad, so there are no keys to lose or have copied for intruders to use.

This means you can stay connected while protecting all of the valuables in your home with its alarm system that sounds when triggered, making it nearly impossible for thieves.

5. Moutec Biometric Fingerprint SafeBiometric Rifle Gun Safe

The Biometric Gun Safe is large enough to store 5-6 rifles up to 50 inches with or without scopes, optics, or shotguns. There is a separate lockbox inside for storing bullets, handguns, money, and other valuables. 

This gun safe will keep your firearms secure from unauthorized users while also keeping your family safe in the event of an intruder at home during fire or earthquake situations. The advanced biometric fingerprinting system ensures that only authorized users can access the contents within the safe quickly and conveniently.

The Biometric Rifle Gun Safe is a modern, steel-crafted product designed to protect users from identity theft. The high strength and solid structure will not tumble or burst open in the event of a break-in. In addition, it features electronic keypad technology with a biometric scanner for quick access.

It opens quickly and securely every time without fault. The placement must be very precise as even millimeters can contribute to being locked out from entry, making it an ideal gun safe that has been constructed with perfect precision to keep your possessions secure at all times.

Keep your family safe and reassure them that their valuables are well protected with the Biometric Rifle Gun Safe. Automatically open once authorized, it offers an a1:300,000 chance of someone else opening without authorization and eliminates battery replacement. 

The five pre-punched mounting holes ensure all you need to do is attach this great safe to the floor or wall for providing maximum security.


  • Outer Dimensions (in) 14”x 13.8” x 57”
  • Inner Dimensions (in) 56.5″ x 13.4″ x 12.4″
  • Weight:88lbs


  • Large and deep rifle gun safe.
  • Tamper-resistant & per proof.
  • Quick firearm access.
  • Contains five pre-punched mounting holes.


  • There is a need to place foam padding to prevent scratches.

Final Verdict

The Biometric Rifle Gun Safe has it all to keep your gun, ammunition, jewelry, and other valuables items safe in the event of an emergency. This model stands at 88 pounds when empty, so you will also know exactly when someone’s trying to move it around without authorization! 

The fingerprint scanner is built-in, so nobody could try using their print to open the door. If you have 5-6 guns, we’d recommend Moutec’s top-notch rifle safe, which features four-digit keypad access.

6. BARSKA AX13100 4.33 Cubic Foot Keypad Rifle Safe

Keep your guns and valuables safe with the BARSKA AX13100. The Department of Justice approved FIPS-140-2 certified keypad rifle Safe can store up to 8 rifles without any accessory attachments, so your firearms will be protected from unauthorized users.

The lock has a user-selectable drill-resistant top with an anti-drill steel plate, so if there’s ever a natural disaster or break-in, you won’t have to worry about outsiders getting into your guns easily. 

The BARSKA AX13100 has the capacity of storing a 12-Gauge shotgun and rifle safe with 11 position rifle rack, a two-position handgun rack, and two removable shelves for extra accessories. With this storage space, you’re never limited when it comes to protecting your weapons.

This gun cabinet also features an interior LED light that turns on automatically when opened, ensuring visibility during low light conditions for quickly finding items within the firearm vault.

The BARSKA AX13100 Keypad Rifle Safe provides the security and peace of mind you need with a digital keypad that can store two unique PIN codes and has an optional silent access mode.

This gun safe is made from solid steel and will protect your valuables in all situations. 

The tamper-resistant edges are sure to stop intruders quickly before they get near the deadbolts.

This gun safe offers you total security to store your weapons wherever they need to be. This gun safe is Equipped with two backup keys; this safe has pre-drilled holes and mounting hardware that will allow installation in any location. 

It also includes four AA batteries and plenty of storage space for guns, ammunition, or anything else you might want to protect.


  • Exterior Dimensions(DxWxH): 13″ x 13″ x 52.25″
  • Interior Dimensions(DxWxH): 11.5″ x 12.5″ x 52″
  • Weight: 82lbs


  • DOJ approved safe.
  • Contains two removable racks.
  • Solid construction.
  • Pre-drilled holes.
  • Provides two backup keys.


  • Not fireproof.

Final Verdict

The BARSKA AX13100 Keypad Rifle Safe is perfect for gun enthusiasts looking to add additional protection to their homes. This safe gun provides 4.33 cubic feet of total space which is enough for storing your valuables and protecting against a break-in or fire caused by having a sealed door and insulation layer on all six sides.

We strongly recommend this gun safe to families who need great protection from children and against theft.

7. VAULTED MX Series Safe – Smart Gun Safe

The Vaulted Safe App is the front end of our high-end VAULTEK MX Series Safes. It enables you to monitor your safe using your smartphone, tablet, or computer from anywhere in the world. Monitor access to it wherever you are with live data and receive instant alerts for any safe activity. 

Manage and monitor your safe remotely from the Wi-Fi app. View battery levels, history log instantly view the interior temperature, humidity, and more simultaneously on one easy-to-get single screen. 

Be alerted anywhere for tampering impacts when someone has opened up your secure area or be notified immediately if it falls off its desired height while being monitored by an internal fall sensor that will preserve every important item within the safe’s protective walls automatically notifications about power failures.

The Vaultek MX Series Safe is your key for securing your EDC gear, passports, cash, and, most importantly, handguns. This fully customizable safe offers the highest capacity interior on this list to store up to 8 guns of any size securely with room for magazines, wallets, etc. 

It also comes equipped with pre-drilled holes for mounting, which means you can outfit it in many different ways to suit your environment or needs.

 It is constructed with durable carbon steel that gives you a professional feel coupled with the flexibility to mount it anywhere you desire.

The VAULTED MX Series Safe is the ultimate anti-theft protection for your valuables. This safe comes equipped with a quick access high-resolution biometric scanner as well as an instant access area on the floor to store valuables, keeping them right at your fingertips and out of reach from any would-be thieves.

The anti-impact latches installed inside and outside this state-of-the-art lockbox will keep all documents and jewelry secure – no one else has anything like it!


  •   Exterior Product Dimensions: 15″ L x 11.5″ W x 11.6″ H
  •   Interior Product Dimensions: 13″ L x 8.6″ W x 11″ H
  •   Weight : 32lbs


  • Carbon steel construction.
  • Large interior for storing eight guns.
  • Dual anti-impact latches.
  • Large biometric fingerprint keypad.


  • Sometimes Wi-Fi takes some time to connect.

Final Verdict

 The VAULTED MX Series Safe is a high-capacity gun safe that provides different sizes to accommodate your needs. It provides various dimensions or features that will protect you against all potential intruders, keeping the contents fully secure.

This series of safes has a heavy-duty, durable steel construction with an electronic lock for convenience. The interior provides shelves and drawers for jewelry, valuables, medicine, or other personal effects, while also having high-capacity storage for guns up to 6 long rifles.

Best Gun Safe Under 800

Factors Consider for Choosing the Best Gun Safe under $800

To choose the best gun safe under 800, you must first examine a few factors. Let’s examine the facts and explore each point in detail.

1. Storage capacity

Before buying a safe gun, determine its storage capacity according to your demands. The first item to consider is the sort of gun you’ll keep, a pistol, rifle, or shotgun. Like guns, safes vary in size.

In case you want to expand your armory, acquire a safe with more capacity. It may not surprise you that individuals consider putting important goods like money, documents, and jewelry in gun safes.

2. Optional Mounting

After selecting a gun safe, you must evaluate installation options. The gun safe cannot be fitted without suitable mounting.

The mounting choices for each safe differ. There are usually 3 to 5 pre-drilled anchor holes. Your task is to inspect the holes for accuracy. If the bolts aren’t in good shape, you can’t use them.

Also, examine how many holes you need to drill to secure the gun safe to the ground or wall. Generally, two or three bolts will support and fasten the safe.

3. Solid construction

Solid construction keeps the gun secure and alive. A gun safe is made of a solid steel gauge.

For an $800 budget, you need gauge levels of 12-16 GA. My best guess is 14GA because most gun safes in this price range are stainless steel with 14GA.

Aside from that, a smaller gauge means more robust construction quality. Less expensive gauge levels may be considered.

4. Brand and Model

Do you have a specific brand in mind? Many brands provide varying-quality gun safes. If you don’t know much about brands, conduct some research online about the product and the brand.

If you plan to purchase locally, do some research on brands and models.

5. Fire protection

A gun safe must be fire-rated, or else your money is useless. Why is a gun safe and fireproof? Because if your house or the area where your gun is safe is on fire, it needs to safeguard your valuables and firearms, right?

Look for a device that can endure 1200-1400°F for 1–2 hours. On the list of safe firearms, the Sentry Safe EF478E meets this criterion.

6. Read customer reviews

Never forget to check customer reviews or the best gun-safe reviews available online. Get an idea of the best gun safe under 800.

7. Child protection features

Children in the home need to have a safe gun purchase, considering a particular circumstance. You own a semi-automatic handgun and choose to forgo the gun safe. When you went shopping, your kids started playing hide-and-seek. You are a wise man who opted to hide his gun under the bed.

Your kid hides beneath the bed while playing hide and seek. He discovers your pistol, takes it out of bed, and is intrigued. 

A gun safe under $800 has several locking mechanisms. No kid could get inside the safe. So, once you’ve secured your firearm in the safe, you may relax and go about your business.

8. Security features

The lock method varies from safe to safe and includes a biometric fingerprint, electronic keypad, key lock, and mechanical dial. Let’s examine each one.

The mechanical dial mechanism is the oldest and most prevalent safe locking technology. Although this locking system requires no batteries, the code cannot be changed. So, if your code gets into the wrong hands, you can lose your safe forever.

The electronic keypad is a basic yet commonly used alternative. It’s straightforward to use. It also allows you to update the code whenever you want. But, as this lock operates on batteries, you’ll need to replace them.

And last but not least, the biometric fingerprint lock is new. These locking methods are simple to use and secure enough that no one can spoof your fingerprint.

9. Portability

If you work as a policeman or an undercover agent, you probably fly frequently. If you’re a regular traveler, even if you’re not one of the professions listed above, a gun safe is a wise decision.

You can’t just stuff your firearm into your carry-on luggage because it’s too dangerous. Misfired shots or damage to your pistol from shaking in a standard backpack or carriage are among the dangers.

It is much easier to carry your firearm in different places when you have a gun safe. Gun safes provide you with more flexibility since all you have to do is place your gun in the safe and go.

Best Gun Safe Under 800

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What size of gun safe I’ll need?

The most popular option among individuals is a gun safe 50 to 55 inches long and 36 to 40 inches wide. However, a good decision is to select a safe that is 1.5 times larger than what you require.
On the other hand, safe capacity is determined by the gun slot quantities rather than the gun number. Shotguns or rifles without scopes are used to test capacity.

2. What should I budget for the best gun safe?

There is no predefined limit. You may spend as you want and how much your budget allows. There is a terrific offer for any budget; you can even purchase a gun safe for less than $800.
 In any case, you must be informed of what you will purchase and what you require.

3. Why aren’t inexpensive safes rated for fire?

You get what you pay for in almost every other aspect of your life. The less you spend, the fewer items you will receive.
The gun safe industry is no different. If you want a decent safe at a low price, the manufacturer will almost certainly cut corners to make it appear cheaper, and one of those corners is the fire rating.

4. Will guns rust if they’re kept in a safe?

If there is any dampness in your gun safe, your firearms will almost certainly rust. When the sulfur within the safe reacts with the water in the air, sulfuric acid and hydrogen sulfide are formed. Both chemical types will progressively eat away at your firearms, causing corrosion.

5. What is the ideal thickness for a gun safe?

A 14 -gauge gun safe is 1.626mm thick, whereas a 20-gauge gun safe is 0.9mm thick. In any case, a gun safe should be thick, between 12 and 16 gauges, but the thinner, the better. Decide between them.


We’ve outlined the different features you should be looking for shopping for a gun safe, as well as some of our favorite models. Ultimately, it depends on you and what kind of storage space or protection level will suit your needs best. However, we hope that this article has given you enough information about gun safes to make an informed purchase decision! Which model do I think would work best for protecting my firearms?

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