Best Truck Gun Safe

Top 10 Best Truck Gun Safe in 2023 [ Updated ]

Do you need secure storage in your truck? If so, then the best truck gun safe is a great option. A truck safe can be mounted to the inside of your vehicle and provide a lockable space for firearms and other valuables when you’re on the road.

The best method to store guns in a car is with one of these handy safes that mount securely into any vehicle’s interior. They come with mounts designed specifically for trucks which means they’ll fit right onto the door panels or floorboards without adding too much bulkiness to what may already be cramped quarters inside an SUV or pick-up truck.

The best truck gun safe is a secure storage unit for guns, ammunition, and other items. It has many features to make it one of the most popular choices among people who own firearms.

These include heavy-duty steel construction, a first-rate locking mechanism with built-in weather sealant, an interior LED light, and a keyless entry pad. The device is also equipped with pre-drilled mounting holes that allow installation on any surface and four locking points that provide additional security.

These features make this the perfect choice for those looking for a dependable way to store their firearms in their vehicle, or anywhere else they go.

If you are also searching for gun safes for the truck, then this blog post will help you a lot because, after extensive research, we have compiled a list of the best products with their own pros and cons that helps you in purchasing the best products.

Our Top 10 Picks of Best Truck Gun Safe

1. Hornady Rapid Gun Safe

Hornady’s RFID Gun Safe is designed to keep your valuables hidden. It’s an excellent way to secure your firearms, jewelry, and other treasures without worrying about anyone walking in on you.

This safe is perfect for storing most handguns up to 12 inches wide or decoration pistols that are less than 5 pounds and aren’t suitable for long-term storage with normal ammunition (wood guns, replicas).

It’s also ideal for providing an added layer of protection when traveling with personal belongings like passports and cash.

This Hornady gun safe can be accessed through a quick fingerprint scan that allows easy access without sacrificing security. The chamber has anti-theft features, including electronic key entry locks.

This Hornady RAPiD Gun Safe includes patented RFID technology that delivers the fastest access to your handgun. This product has a heavy-duty 1500lbs weight capacity, making it perfect for mounting between console and seat without any modifications available while enabling you un equipment uninterrupted mobility.

The Hornady Gun Safe has a steel lockdown security cable that can also attach the safe to any stationary object when not in use for an extra level of protection.

Its backup digital keypad and mechanical key offer additional entry methods, while a 12-volt car adapter and battery power ensure safe and effective gun storage no matter your location.

It exceeds ASTM International safety standards for children and pries resistance. The California DOJ-approved Hornady RAPiD Gun Safe with RFID Instant Access is perfect for keeping guns secure from unauthorized access by children or intruders due to its fast fire-safe opening mechanism.


  • Exterior: 12 x 6.4 x 2.2″ 
  • Interior: 7.5 x 5.6 x 1.7″
  • Weight:9.72 pounds


  • Sturdy.
  • Anti-theft alarm.
  • Digital keypad.
  • RFID technology.
  • Made in the USA.
  • CA DOJ Approved.


  • The digital keypad is flush mounted to the front surface.

Final Verdict

The Hornady Gun Safe is constructed of steel and meets the California Department of Justice (DOJ) standards for child and pry resistance. The lockdown security cable can also attach to any stationary object.

This safe also offers a backup digital keypad and its mechanical key, making it an excellent choice for those concerned about emergencies or power outages. With a 12-volt car adapter and battery power, the owner will always be able to operate this gun safely, quickly, and safely.

2. Gocybei Gun Safe

This Gocybei Gun Safe is designed to hold smaller pistols and also has room for larger weapons like rifles and shotguns (with specific doors designed for these objects).

The buyers can use its electro-mechanical lock that will prompt fingerprint recognition before unlocking. The digital screen displays in the gun safe door are open at any given time, as well as what type of object has been put in it: weapons or possessions only.

It protects your firearms and valuables using fingerprints, passwords, keypads, and mechanical combination locks. Its fast-access methods give you a variety of choices so you can protect what’s most important to you without the fuss.

It is built from strengthened high-tensile steel and provides ultimate strength and toughness that will keep your pistols safely stored for multiple long-term needs.

The superb design of this truck gun safe leaves no leaking gaps across hinges, making it ideal for all customers, from novice to expert-grade security needs.

This biometric safe has a large capacity with plenty of room for more pistols. This kind of protection has never been better. This truck gun safe comes with no worries about batteries wearing out over time because it comes equipped with an AC power cord that plugs into an outlet and your peace of mind is only one click away.


  • Exterior dimensions: 13.3″x11″x3.7″; 
  • Interior dimensions: 12.4″x8″x3.1″. 
  • Weight:11.9 pounds.


  • Override keys.
  • Electronic keypad.
  • Fingerprint.
  • Quick and easy access.
  • LED light.
  • Durable.


  • Not fireproof.

Final Verdict

The Gocybei Gun Safe is perfect whether you’re buying it for personal use or as a gift. With biometrics identification, fingerprint technology, override keys, and an electronic keypad, you can get quick and easy access. We make sure to take your privacy seriously by providing AAA batteries, so your safe never gets outdated! Don’t wait any longer and order today!

3. VINCENT Portable Gun Safe

The VINCENT Portable Gun Safe is the newest game-changer to keep firearms, access devices, and valuables safe throughout your home or office. This will store up to 25 individual fingerprints for immediate use by family members or employees.

It comes equipped with accurate biometric fingerprint technology, which ensures quick single-handed access to firearm devices with an algorithm verified by some of the most stringent certification tests in the US and worldwide.

The Biometric lock can store up to 100 fingerprints for access by multiple users if desired or just a few for personal use. You can have peace of mind knowing important items will be shielded from unauthorized access 24/7 within seconds on average through a simple scan of a finger without keypads.

The VINCENT Portable Gun Safe is the perfect choice for gun owners who want to protect their firearms while preventing unauthorized access. The alarm system goes off with just a sudden movement providing the ultimate protection against theft of any kind.

Its LED lights are also made for nighttime use and can be locked separately with a password or keyless entry.

This safe offers an ergonomic design which makes it very easy to operate in comfort even when you’re on your hands and knees looking under the bed.

Make sure your handgun safe is not too close to heat sources like radiators or smoking areas since they will pose serious fire hazards.


  • Internal Dimension:8.7 x 7.8 x 2.2
  • External Dimension:7.9 x 11.8 x 2.3
  • Weight: 6 pounds


  • Manual keys.
  • Biometric fingerprint scanner.
  • Heavy-duty cable.
  • Pre-drilled holes.
  • Inner foam padding.


  • Minor issue in a biometric scanner.

Final Verdict

The VINCENT Portable Gun Safe has a scratch-resistant and anti-rust coating to ensure long-term use. This gun box can store various valuables such as pistols, jewelry, certificates, passports, etc. The safe features an anti-impact latch and a seamlessly welded anti-tamper steel body that prevents intrusion to the greatest extent.

4. Snap Safe Treklite Gun Safe Box

The Snap Safe Treklite Gun Safe Lock Box is perfect for any time and anywhere for the security of your firearms.

This portable gun safe fits easily in your suitcase, drawer, or even under a car seat to provide safe storage for handguns and other valuables at home or when traveling.

The Snap Safe Combination Lock Box has an impact-resistant polycarbonate construction for exceptional toughness with customizable 4-digit combination access.

The lockbox contains 15ft long anti-theft cable that locks it down tight to stationary objects at home or in your vehicle. Experience heavy-duty protection without the bulk of steel!

The SnapSafe Treklite Gun Safe Lock Box is everything you need in a lockbox for you when you are on travel. It easily fits in your suitcase or under your seat, making it perfect for use at home and on the go.

The space-saving design provides maximum storage capacity while the durable exterior maintains a non-slip grip to protect your belongings inside.

The Snap Safe Treklite Gun Safe Lock Box is a lightweight, portable, compact gun safe designed to be hidden. The lockbox was made with outdoor activities in mind where discreet ways of storing firearms may be needed.

It features an electronic locking system programmed with a 3-number combination and anti-theft alarm setting to protect your valuables while you’re away from the penitentiary-like feel of some traditional locks boxes.


  • External Dimensions LxWxH:10.75 x 7.5 x 3 inches
  • Weight:1.6 pounds


  • Portable.
  • Heavy duty& Sturdy.
  • Space-saving design.
  • Perfect for camping.


  • It is made from plastic.

Final Verdict

This lightweight and portable gun safe has an impact-resistant polycarbonate construction for exceptional toughness and easily fits in your suitcase drawer or under a car seat to provide secure storage for handguns and other valuables. The Snap Safe Combination Lock Box includes a 1500lbs rated security cable for securing stationary objects at home or in your vehicle.

5. Snap Safe Portable Lock Box

The Snap Safe lockboxes are constructed with heavy-duty materials that are durable, secure, and perfect for storing important documents, media cards, or other valuables.

This lock box is available in three sizes to suit your storage needs, XL for storing larger items like handguns and XXL for medium-sized items like passports or heirlooms.

The 3-in-1 case includes two keyed-alike locks so owners can keep their secret stash safe from others. The Snap Safe’s new portable handgun safety locker is one of the most secure products of its kind, with a 1500lbs of weight limit per steel sheet and over 34″ invested in metal on each side of the gun safes housing walls.

Snap Safe Portable Lock Boxes are a personal items safety devices approved by the California Department of Justice and meet TSA airline firearm guidelines.

These lockboxes have a convenient size for your luggage or under your seat on an airplane to keep valuable contents safe from thieves. The foam interior protects these valuables from being damaged during transport, too! Keep one of these portable lock boxes packed away in your trunk for any time you need it.

This box can also be found in many university dorms worldwide as college students travel from city to city with their school things inside. Watch out, bus station bandits! 

They come with two locks and four keys that are all keyed the same, so no more worries if you lose a key.


  • External Dimensions: 11.5″l. x 8.5″w. x 2.5″h.
  • Weight: 6lbs


  • Portable.
  • Heavy-duty steel construction.
  • Include two lockboxes.
  • CA DOJ Approved 
  • Inner foam padding.


  • The key quality is not so good.

Final verdict

The Snap Safe Portable Lock Box is the best way to keep your highly valuable bulky items at home securely. It is made from heavy-duty 12-gauge steel; this clever take on a lockbox will protect against tampering even when left out in the open. The lock boxes are available in 3 different sizes – Large, XL, and XXL – so you have plenty of space to store valuables safely without losing too much room for other things! Get yours today by clicking below!

6. Hornady TriPoint Lock Box for Guns

The Hornady TriPoint Lock Box for Guns and Valuables is made from 16-gauge steel that provides you with peace of mind as it comes equipped with 1500lbs worth of lockdown cables that attach the safe to any stationary object.

This XL portable gun safe includes key access meaning your firearm and valuables will be available at home, in the car, or when traveling- sometimes not even needing a lock!

It comes with anti-pry recessed hardware plus a dual locking system with three locking points. This small-scale portable gun safe is built to last due to its durable steel construction, so there’s no need for an upgrade ever again.

The Hornady TriPoint Lock Box is perfect for anyone who travels often. The gun lockbox provides pistol storage and security for concealed carry permit holders, so you can safely travel with your weapon to avoid potential TSA problems.

The safe contains a foam interior to protect your valuable contents. There is no need for installation once securely attached to a structure; it’s ready to go!

It has no identifying logos or wording that may attract unwanted attention while staying stylish wherever you are at. When closed, the lid prevents any chance of visual inspection when searching through luggage or backpacks at airport checkpoints.

It even includes air-tight seals on all four sides. This trusty product promises convenience when packing up.


  • External Dimensions LxWxH: 11 x 8.5 x 2.75 inches
  • Weight: 5.2 pounds


  • Steel keyed tripoint lockbox.
  • Pry resistant.
  • 16-gauge steel construction.
  • They have certified child-resistant.
  • CA DOJ Approved.


  • Weak cable.

Final Verdict

The Hornady TriPoint Lock Box keeps your prized possessions safe and sound while still giving you instant access. This Padlock-resistant metal box is built with 16-gauge steel for ultimate protection of your handguns and other valuables. Plus, it comes with a heavy-duty 1500 lbs. It comes with a steel lockdown cable that attaches the portable safe to any stationary object so you can store it in your car, at home, or when traveling.

7. Younion Pistol Safe

Union Pistol Safes are perfect for locking up your valuables while you’re not around, whatever the situation may be. The portable safe is perfect for concealed use under car seats or travel, nice for locking up cash, medicine, passports, and jewelry, as well as a pistol.

You can set your code to open it without worrying about losing keys every time you want to reach inside. This gun safe is easy to operate in an emergency. Its re-settable three-digit combination lockbox allows anyone who has access to reset it themselves should they change their mind later on.

The product makers recently designed these safes after receiving feedback from consumers who wanted better options than just safes that held guns only.

This heavy-duty pistol cabinet is 18 inches wide, 15 inches deep, and 42.5 inches tall, which provides limited access to keep you free from accidents or unwanted intruders.

The locking mechanism fuses a three-digit numeric code that can be reset for more than one person, so everyone has unrestricted access at appropriate times.

The steel cable offers reinforced protection around the door’s perimeter and draws back tightly to ensure no one can crack open this safe without figuring out that combination first.

The Union Pistol Safe is ideal for storing your handguns but won’t weigh you down like the full-size safes. The upgraded security features on this safe are worth every penny with an anti-theft alarm, among other state-of-the-art equipment designed to protect your firearms.

Its dial lock is easy to use, and the interior has plenty of room for most guns with enough space left over.


  • External Dimensions LxWxH: 9.69 x 6.5 x 1.81 inches
  • Weight:2.8lbs


  • Durable.
  • Combination locking function.
  • Scratch-resistant.
  • Heavy steel cable.
  • Portable.


  • The opening dial knob is made from plastic.

Final Verdict

Union Pistol Safes are the answer to your worries about transporting your firearm in a safe, attractive, and convenient way. The compact size of these safes makes them perfect for stowing away under a car seat or in luggage while traveling. Plus, you can use one as your little secret weapon for securing all types of valuables like cash, jewelry, and even medication.

8. Bulldog Cases Car Safe with Key Lock

Bulldog Cases Car Safe with Key Lock is a perfect choice for people who want to lock their weapons in a car. This car safe provides long-term security, and it can be locked to keep your items inside safe from theft or fire protection.

Safe has a Black matte Powder paint finish which makes it look more elegant and attractive so that thieves don’t get attracted to it. It also includes a 3-foot security cable, so the item can be secured without a bracket using this 3-foot security cable.

The Bulldog Car safe will fit efficiently in concealed firearms storage, and when to lock, you can access it easily with a key with the convenience of your fingertips. It comes in a fashionable design which is available in a variety of sizes you need.

Bulldog Equipment has reinvented how to travel with your precious valuables. Your case can be mounted anywhere without issue using included mounting hardware. The box can be secured onto any flat surface using included 3″ Security Cable.

This product includes a bracket and key lock, so no one will have an opportunity to pry open your case without authorization first. This is the safest yet risk-free means of ensuring nothing unwanted occurs during travel the next time you’re out on the road.


  • Exterior 8.2″ x 5.9″ x 2.2″.
  • Interior 7″ x 5.25″ x 2″.
  • Weight: 3.6 pounds


  • Heavy-duty construction.
  • Scratch-resistant interior.
  • Powder paint finish.
  • Key style lock.


  • Not for large frame pistols.

Final Verdict

Bulldog vehicle safe is the perfect car gun safe that can be mounted or placed at any location of your choice. This car console safe will easily fit in for concealed firearm storage and give you easy access to it without breaking too much of a sweat. It is extremely durable with Black Matte Powder Paint Finish, which makes it look attractive and stylish.

9.GunVault Standard Digital Pistol Safe

The GunVault Pistol Safe MV500-STD is a user-friendly, safe option for storing your firearms. With over 12 million selectable access codes, the random nature of each button press makes it more difficult to break in.

The safety shutters on the top and bottom remain shut while the door opens inward toward you. There is also foam lining inside to protect your firearm or other valuables of value. The safe weighs 4lbs has 20-gauge steel exterior construction with only one point lock, which includes an interior storage area that measures five cubic feet, so there’s plenty of space for ammunition as well.

The GunVault MV500-STD is a pistol safe that offers an electronic lock and quick access when needed. Its small size makes it ideal for handguns, ammunition, important documents, valuables, and much more.

Its lightweight design and battery operation make this product perfect for your home or your car. The advanced security system of this gun safe protects against unauthorized entry with 12 unique user codes, which prevent a digital override.

The magnetically shielded compartment protects you from any type of EMP attack; we will always be ready for future events. For peace of mind that comes with modern convenience, get yourself the GunVault MV500-STD.


  • External Dimensions:11 x 8.5 x 2.25 inches
  • Weight: 4 pounds.


  • Durable.
  • Override key and security cable included.
  • 20-gauge steel interior construction.
  • Anti-theft alarm.


  • Require too much pressure to relock the lid.

Final Verdict

This beautifully disguised safe with its sleek, space-efficient design is built for privacy and protection. If you’re looking to discreetly store cash or any small valuables that need some extra care, look no further than the M500-STDD. And with this setup, all your worries about burglaries are quickly erased.

10. Dalmbox Small Car Gun Safe

This portable and small handgun safe is easy to carry. It is perfect for long trips with its 2.73lb weight and steel construction, making it difficult to be broken inside or out by protecting your valuables from scratching or damage thanks to the thick protective foam inserts that come with the safe.

This smart gun lockbox features a keyless locking mechanism with just four digits, you can open or close this small pistol safe quickly and securely. And because of its portability, it will easily fit in your trunk, so you’ll never have to worry about having too much luggage when traveling again.

This heavily padded safe is perfect for small pistols. If you can’t secure your firearms at home, this might be the place for them. The carbon steel construction offers great durability to ensure that this little guy will last through lots of wear and tear.

The two-point lock configuration with a three-inch setting makes opening quick but includes enough resistance to keep someone from just waltzing in there without trying too hard to pick it open.

If they still think they’re clever, hit both locks simultaneously for five seconds set off an alarm that’ll send any potential burglars scurrying back outside before they’ve even made their way inside.


  • Interior dimensions: 9.1 x 6.1 x 0.9 inches
  • Exterior dimensions: 9.4 x 6.4 x 1.8 inches
  • Weight:2.73 pounds


  • Carbon steel construction.
  • Protective foam.
  • Heavy duty.
  • Combination lock.


  • Batteries are not included.

Final Verdict

This is an ideal option if you’re looking for a safe and professional way to store your pistol. It includes thick protective foam inserts, ensuring security and valuables are protected from scratches or damage. This lightweight gun box can be used in any situation at the home, office, airplane, car, etc.

Best Truck Gun Safe

Best Truck Gun Safes – Buying Guide

Before buying the best truck gun safe, you need to know all factors that are the main thing that must be considered before buying any product. So, don’t worry because after reading this article, you will also learn all characteristics of Truck Gun Safe.

So please read all factors carefully before purchasing Truck Gun Safe, so you don’t have to regret it later after buying Truck Gun Safe.


The design of your Truck Gun Safe is very important, so please read the specification or descriptions given on it carefully. Don’t only base on visual appearance if the look of Truck Gun Safe is attractive for you or not, but also check technical specifications or features which are given on it like space availability, security system, etc.

Construction material

The car gun safe must be made of high-quality materials. The physical structure of a gun safe determines the gun safe’s resilience and lifespan. The basics of a high-quality gun safe are strong stainless steel. Even under severe strain, this stuff makes the gun safe extremely strong and difficult to shatter.  So, choose a car gun safe and made of durable materials, such as stainless steel.


The Next important factor which must be considered before buying is budget. It’s not the only factor, but everyone should know how much money they want to spend to buy Truck Gun Safe, so please determine your exact budget which you want to spend on your Truck Gun Safe.

Customer Reviews

One of the very important factors that almost all customers consider before purchasing is reviews or ratings out of total reviews given by previous customers who already bought Truck Gun Safe. 

You can easily find reviews about your favorite truck gun safe on the internet. Read all reviews carefully and determine if you should buy it or not because nobody buys any product without reading reviews. If you don’t decide after reading reviews, then visit a marketplace like Amazon, where customers leave their views about Truck Gun Safe very clearly with their experience, so you can easily determine if you should buy it or not.


The size of the truck gun safe is also important because most customers look for a considerable size of Truck Gun Safe where they can keep more than one rifle inside that truck gun safe. So before buying Truck Gun Safe, check the internal space availability in Truck Gun Safe to save various rifles at a time.

Locking function

The locking system in Truck Gun Safe also matters a lot, so before buying Truck Gun Safe read the locking system of it whether it’s a biometric lock or electronic keypad, pry-resistant lid, etc., because if you choose a truck gun safe with high-security features, then your valuables will remain to save in your truck gun safe.

Other Factors

There are other factors like warranty, shipping cost, delivery time, return policy, etc. factors are also very important to be considered while purchasing any product on market place like Amazon.

In the end, the factors that you consider before buying the best quality Truck Gun Safe is completely depended on your needs and requirements, so what you need and how much it will cost then only decide because everyone should know the price and quality of products must be compatible if we want to buy any product like a best quality truck gun safe under 100$ or 200$ or 500$. So always check factors very closely while purchasing any product online or offline.

Best Truck Gun Safe

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the best lock for a car safe?

If you’re searching for fast access safe, a biometric lock is the way to go! If you only need to travel with your handgun, I highly recommend a Simplex lock due to its dependability.

2. Is it possible to have a long gun in your car?

There are several options for transporting a long rifle in your automobile. The only true method with a smaller car is to put a safe in the trunk. However, if you move into large SUVs and trunks, you may start storing them in safes behind the seats, in the truck bed, or in the crossover’s storage space.

3. In a vehicle, where do you place a gun safe?

There are several locations in the automobile where a gun safe may be installed. It would be best to keep it in a safe first, but after that, you may store it under seats, in trunks, or even under your center console.


The best trunk gun safe is the one that will fit your needs. If you are looking for a gun safe for a long-term investment, consider buying an in-vehicle or under-seat model with more security features that can be bolted down to make it less likely someone could break into it without being noticed.

There are models with built-in locks on the outside of the case for those who want something smaller but still secure, so they’re not easily accessed if left unattended in public places like parking lots. Whichever kind of trunk gun safe you decide to buy, our top ten picks help make your purchase decision trustworthy.

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