Does A Gun Safe Need To Be Bolted Down

Does A Gun Safe Need To Be Bolted Down?

Safe owners can use bolts to lock down their safes. That is best because burglars may have tools to pry open a bolted safe. They will likely damage your safe if they do that. This is why you want to bolt your safe down. You can use bolts and other means to secure your safe. In addition, you will also want to make sure that it is easy to access.

The best way to do that is to bolt it down with screws or other means. If you don’t have any bolts, you can purchase them in stores selling safes. 

This blog post will explain how to bolt down the gun safely but without compromising its strength.

So, Let’s dive in to know that Does A Gun Safe Need To Be Bolted Down?

Why is it better to bolt your gun safe down?

Gun safes are usually very large and heavy. This makes them difficult to move. If you move your safe, you will need to bolt it down because it will be extremely hard to move. You might decide to secure your safe with a bolt for several reasons.

It would help if you initially locked down your safe to safeguard your belongings in case of a fire or burglary. You should take security precautions if your safe contains pricey things to ensure that nothing is stolen.

To make your safe more secure, you should use the bolt on the bottom of your safe to hold it down, whether on the concrete floor or wooden floor. To make it simple to fasten your safe down, you will also need to drill holes.

Bolting Down a Gun Safe: What You Will Need

Wedge anchor bolts: The bolt is also called log screws. These are available at any home improvement store. It would help if you also bought a box cutter.

Drill bit – You will need a drill with at least ¾” and 1/16″ bits.

Pry Bar – Use a pry bar to open the safe.

Sand Paper: If you have a portable electric sanding machine, you should use it to remove rough edges on your bolts. Otherwise, you can use a regular sanding machine to finish the job.

Metal Cutters: You should cut out three circles, each measuring 4″ in diameter. You can utilize a hacksaw to make the circles.

When you have the metal cutters, you can use them to cut out the four circles. After cutting, you can use a hammer to flatten the edges. Once the circles are flat, you can use them to cover the holes drilled.

It would be excellent if you also used the bolt to fasten your safe to the floor. You should ensure that you are properly drilling the holes in your safe. It would help if you were sure that the holes were close together so that it would be easy for you to use the bolt.

Does A Gun Safe Need To Be Bolted Down?
Does A Gun Safe Need To Be Bolted Down?

How to bolt down a gun safe?

Drill the hole for the safe on top of the hole you have made in the wall. Verify that the holes are correctly aligned. If they aren’t, you will need to adjust your hole locations. Now you can attach a washer and nut. You can also use a lock on the door of your safe to help keep it shut.

To ensure that the bolt you use will not cause damage to your safe, make sure that it is at least 1/16 of an inch longer than your safe door. Additionally, you must drill the bolt’s hole into the wall and not create a new one for it. This may cause the safe to fall. Once you have drilled holes, you can now install your bolt.

Now that you have all the parts, you can begin installing the safe. Before doing so, ensure that the safe door has been removed from the safe and that all bolts are in place. It can be useful to write down the assembly instructions if this is your first time installing your safe.

Once you have everything assembled, make sure that it is properly balanced. There are two ways to do this. The first is turning the safe on its back and tapping it with a rubber mallet. If there is any wiggling, you will know that the safe is not properly balanced. If there is no wiggling, you know the safe is properly balanced.

The second way to balance the safe is by hanging it up. Hang the safe from a hook in the ceiling. Then lift on the safe, and make sure it does not move. If it moves when you lift it, you will need to fix it before it starts causing damage.

After balancing the safe, you can begin putting the screws in place.

How to protect your gun safe from theft?

A gun safe will only keep your guns safe while inside, so make sure that you keep your safe locked up at all times. Gun safes have several security features, including deadbolts, bolts, and bars.

You should ensure that you are using all these locking mechanisms to prevent theft. Keep the keys out of the safe because thieves often break into homes looking for anything valuable. This includes finding keys or other items that can use to open the safe.

How to keep a safe secure without bolting it to the floor?

Use a Quality Gun Safe:

Make sure that you purchase a high-quality gun safe. A quality gun safe is built with heavy-duty steel. They also include locking features that will protect your guns from thieves and provides you with more security.

Lock Your Safe:

Your gun safe should always be kept locked when not in use. This is a must if you are keeping your gun safe in your home. Make sure to lock your gun safe in a safe room, office, or closet. This way, even if someone does find a way to enter your home, they will not find your gun safe.

Keep Your Safe Cleaned:

You want to ensure that you always keep your gun safe and clean. You do not want fingerprints or anything else on your gun safe that could indicate that someone has been inside it. This will help you determine if anyone has broken into your safe and what type of access they had.

 Use Locksmiths to Help:

If you want more assistance with your gun safe, you might wish to hire a professional locksmith to assist you with a safe installation. To keep you safe, you should invest in quality tools to help you complete this task. It is also important to ensure that you keep track of your tools.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I remove the back panel of my safe?

Some safes have a back panel that is removable so that you can see inside of the safe. If you want to remove the back panel of your safe, you can use an opener or a knife to pry off the panel. If you are uncomfortable opening your safe with tools, then you can call a professional, safe company to open the safe for you.

How can I access my safe if I forget my password?

You can call your safe company to reset your password if you forget your password. The most common method of resetting a password is manually entering it on the keyboard. You can call the company’s helpline if you don’t know the correct combination.

Can you bolt a safe to the floor?

You can follow different methods to remove the lock plate and latch plate of a Gun safe.
1. Take a thin metal file and hit the lock plate until it starts loosening up.
2. Use a metal pry bar and carefully pull it out slowly.
3. Use a hacksaw to cut off the lock plate and latch plate.
4. Use a pry bar to hold the latch plate and pull out the lock plate.
5. Remove the barrel with a pry bar or a screwdriver.

Can I bolt a gun safe to the wall?

Yes, you can bolt a gun safe to the wall. Use adhesive strips, screws, or even nails to secure it to the wall so it won’t move or come off the wall. But if you want to ensure that it doesn’t move at all, you can get a clamp that holds it firmly in place.

Can a gun safety tip over?

No, a gun safe shouldn’t tip over unless there is some malfunction or a major design flaw. If you’re using a gun safe for storing valuable items, purchase one with the right weight capacity and materials. Also, ensure that it’s sealed well and that its hinges and latches are strong.

Where do you mount a gun safe?

A gun safe is usually mounted in your home’s basement, closet, or attic. However, the exact location is decided upon by the size and purpose of your safe. Make sure you have sufficient space to install a safe.

Does a gun cabinet have to be bolted?

Yes, a gun cabinet has to be bolted to the wall, but you can also use other methods such as drywall anchors, concrete anchors, and heavy-duty metal screws. Ensure you’re getting the right hardware, and you’ll be fine.

Is it permissible to store a gun safe in the garage?

Yes, a gun safe is perfectly acceptable in the garage. If you don’t leave it open, it won’t harm anyone. Make sure you lock it up after every use to avoid any accidents. And if you have a keypad for the lock, you can use it to keep your gun safe from unwanted access.

Can guns and ammo be stored together?

You can store both guns and ammunition together in a safe place, provided you store them separately. You should check with a firearm safety expert to ensure your guns are safe. Also, keep an eye on all guns in a safe when you store them together. They can easily be misplaced or stolen.


As a gun owner, you must be able to access your gun safely, especially if you have small children or animals. But how do you ensure that your safe gun won’t accidentally open during an earthquake or fire? The best approach to secure your gun safe is to bolt it to the floor or install locking bars that protect your safe against any accidents.

Bolting a gun safe down will increase safety because it’s more difficult for someone to break into. The bolts should be tight enough to keep the safe and secure from moving around. It’s important to tighten them as much as you can. It would help if you also made sure that the bolts were in a straight line.

If you’re currently storing your guns in an unlocked gun safe, make sure to lock it up after you’re done using it.

What are your thoughts on securing gun safes? Do you have any questions? Please share your thoughts in the comments below.

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