How to bolt a safe to the wall

How To Bolt A Safe To The Wall? Best Practices

Gun safes are a very useful item that every household needs. You may easily go for your rifle in an emergency to defend yourself against uninvited visitors. However, guns need to be stored in a secure place. Most of us choose to store them in our homes.

If you have chosen to store your guns in your house, you need to know that you need to install a safe properly. This will allow you to access your guns and protect them from unauthorized persons easily.

So, Gun owners need to bolt a safe to the wall to secure their valuables, but before bolting a safe, you must decide on its kind and confirm that it is strong enough to contain your possessions.

There are a variety of ways to wall-mounted gun safes. You should choose the one that is the easiest for you to work with.

In this blog post, I’d like to provide a few quick ways to wall mount and some preventive measures to perform this task successfully.

So, Let’s start reading How To Bolt A Safe To The Wall:

Different types of Gun safes

First and foremost, be cautious in selecting the appropriate safe. There are several types of gun safes on the market. The most common ones include:

• Brick-style safes

Combination lock safes

Electronic locking safes

You should choose the one that suits your needs. Some people prefer having a combination safe while others like the brick style. All have their advantages and disadvantages.

• Brick-style safes

The advantage of these safes is that you can easily get to your gun and access your money. You can also easily carry this safe around because it is made of bricks. These safes are usually heavy and bulky.

Additionally, they are more inexpensive than other kinds of safes. On the other hand, you can only carry one safe at a time. This makes them inconvenient, and you must make multiple trips if you want to carry your guns and money.

• Combination lock safes

These safes have the advantage of being more compact and portable. The combination of the lock helps you to locate and retrieve your gun when you need it easily. They are also more affordable and provide you with more personal safety than the brick style.

The combination lock is also an easy way of locking your gun. However, the disadvantage of these safes is that they cannot store large amounts of cash and can only contain small amounts of guns. These safes are also more difficult to open because they are complicated.

Electronic locking safes

Electronic locking safes are a good choice for people who like to carry several guns and large amounts of cash. They are more convenient than combination lock safes. They are more secure as well. The only problem with electronic safes is that they cost much more than combination lock safes. They also require regular maintenance.

Why Should You bolt a Gun Safe To The Wall?

For many reasons, you need to bolt a gun safe to the wall. Some reasons are to secure it from intruders, burglars, or thieves. The gun safe will protect your guns and other weapons. In addition, it will protect your valuables.

It will also help you to avoid problems while traveling. If you are going to be away for a long time, leaving all your weapons in a safe is important. It would help if you bolted the safe to the wall because it would be difficult for anyone to take it. This is also easier to do. Here is no need to worry about anyone opening the safe while you are not at home.

Basic considerations for bolting a safe to the wall:

Bolts should place at the bottom of the safe. The bolts should be long enough to move the safe without tools. If you live in an area with earthquakes, you should bolt the safe to a concrete wall.

The concrete should be thick enough to prevent the safe from shifting. This may be a good idea if you are away for a while. It would be beneficial if you also gave alarm installation some thought. This will help you to know if someone breaks into your home. A combination lock is the best option.

Most gun owners should ensure that the safe has a heavy door to prevent thieves from opening the safe. If you are in a region subject to hurricanes, you should anchor the safe to a concrete slab. If a hurricane hits the safe, it will be damaged and possibly destroyed.

How to bolt a safe to the wall

What tools were used to bolt the safe in the wall?

The following are some tools required for bolting a gun safe to the wall:


• Socket wrench

• Phillips head screws

• Lock pick

• Hammer

• Steel cable

How can a safe be mounted to a wall?

It would be helpful if you started by measuring the wall against which you wish to fasten the safe. Verify that there is adequate space to insert the safe into the wall. The desired safe location should have a minimum of six inches of spacing on each side. The best way to ensure that this happens is by measuring the walls.

After you have found a suitable place to bolt your safe, you need to mark the location. The place is at the height of 8 feet above the ground. The wall must be of sturdy construction so that it will last longer and be easy to work with. You will discover it more easily as a result.

If the wall is not strong enough, you will find it hard to work with it. After marking the location, you can get the required material and tools. You need to use screws. The screws should have given a long life to ensure they can stand up to the weight of the safe. The screw should be of adequate length.

You should use screws of different lengths to keep your safe steady. If the wall is too thin, you can use wood screws that are easy to install and will not damage the wall. For safety reasons, you should use the screws in pairs. One pair will use to hold the screw in position, while the other pair will use to tighten it. After you have chosen the screws, you can go ahead and use them for anchor holes.

Next, you will need to connect the steel cable to the end of the lag bolts. When you have done this, you will need to connect the cable to the safe. You can do this by using the lock pick and hammer. As a responsible gun owner, once you have completed this procedure, you will need to place the safe back into position. Once the safe is in place, you need to tighten the bolts with the socket wrench.

Once you’ve finished, double-check to ensure everything is in its proper location.

 Safety precautions while bolting a safe to the wall

Ensure you are familiar with safe installation procedures before installing one in your home. Bolts and screws can be dangerous, and you must know the proper installation methods.

There are a couple of things that you should do to mount a safe properly. First, The pre-drilled holes should be big enough for the safe to fit in. You should also make sure that the hole you are drilling into the wall stud is no wider than one inch. You must Drill holes before you install the safe. If you don’t, you will weaken the wall.

Use a hammer and drill to tighten the bolts and screws that hold the safe into place. This can be a dangerous job, so make sure you wear gloves. Gloves will help you avoid being injured by the tools you use.

You must wear ear protection while you are working on the safe. This will protect your hearing. The last thing you should do is make sure that there is no child or pet around when installing the safe. You can end up being hurt if you do.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Size should my safe be?

The standard size of the safe is 7-inches tall and 5-inches wide.

Should you bolt down a safe?

The best way to secure a safe is by using a lock box, and the bolts should install along the bottom of the safe. If you are installing the safe in a different location, you can still use this safe, but ensure to bolt the safe securely to the floor. To secure your belongings, you should also set up an alarm system.

How do you bolt a Sentry safe to the wall?

Sentry safes are heavy and should be bolted to a sturdy surface, like concrete. If you don’t have access to a concrete floor, you can try to use a metal plate as a base to hold the safe in place. To ensure that your safe remains secure, add 2-3 extra bolts on each side to keep it attached to the wall.

How is a small home safe and secured?

You can use a digital safe to store valuables in a house safe. You can also consider a combination safe, a steel safe, or a hard-sided lockable container. A digital safe can protect your valuables from a potential thief, who can also access it remotely.

How do you mount a home safe?

Home safes are usually mounted on walls with screws; screw them into a metal bracket attached to the wall studs. Make careful you first drill pilot holes in the wall studs before securing the screws.

What is the hardest safe to crack?

The safest safe is one with a combination lock and a very secure door, meaning it’s difficult to break in and steal its contents. In such cases, the most common way to open the safe is to cut the safe’s door with a hacksaw or knife.

How can a safe be kept secure without being nailed to the wall?

Safes and vaults can be secured using a variety of procedures and approaches. Some people use the deadbolt lock, while others prefer to use the key lock. We recommend using both combinations, as it provides maximum security and allows you to open the door without using a key.


In conclusion, it needs to have several key features and components to bolt a safe to the wall. The features include the Size, bolt hole pattern and Size, location of the holes, and the bolt hole cover.

Additionally, it has a latch that attaches to the wall, and it needs to have a safe door or locking mechanism. After deciding on a safe’s essential components, you must choose where to place it, whether to use a pull handle or a lever, and whether the door should open to the left or the right to easily access your valuables.

You must also follow all the safety precautions to prevent damage and make your project successful.

If you have more questions in mind, please let us know in the comment section below;

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