how to build a gun safe out of wood

How To Build A Gun Safe Out Of Wood?

Building a gun safe out of wood is not as difficult as it might seem at first. Follow the instructions and tips in this guide to learn how to build a gun safe from scratch using nothing but wood, glue, and tools you can easily find around your house.

What is a gun safe?

A gun safe is a secure steel cabinet where you can store and protect your guns from unauthorized use.

What is a wooden gun safe?

Wooden gun safes are not the best choice if you want to protect your guns from burglars or thieves. On the other hand, a wooden gun safe is a good option for people who value the traditional look and feel of their weapon storage more than how secure it is.

How to make a wooden gun safe?

Now that you know what kind of wood will suit your needs, let’s look at how you build one.

When designing a wooden gun safe, it’s important to consider how many firearms you want to keep inside the unit, as this determines how big of a model will be needed.

 In addition, think about how much space around each firearm should be allocated for storage purposes so that accessories such as ammunition or cleaning kits have their pocket within the shelves of the safe.

The size also affects whether one person or two people are required when opening and closing it since larger safes tend to weigh more than smaller ones due to increased wall thickness necessary for security reasons. Finally, if there are children where you live, who may need access at some point, keep this in mind as well.

how to build a gun safe out of wood
How To Build A Gun Safe Out Of Wood?

The construction process

There are six steps involved when you want to know how to build a gun safe out of wood.

Step one:

Designing the unit and gathering materials needed for assembly.

Step two:

Cut all wood pieces required to make a wooden gun safe using either a saw or laser cutter, depending on your preference at that point.

Step three:

Glue is needed to together the pieces using fast-drying glue, which is applied with an applicator brush before clamping them down until they dry overnight if you’re not working alone.

If you have help, use heavy-duty clamps since these can be tightened by hand easily once applied properly across each joint of the frame being built.

Step four:

Sanding and smoothing a gun safe out of wood by hand if you’re not satisfied with the way it looks after the glue dries.

 Step five:

Cutting pieces for making a wooden gun safe door (optional based on whether or not you want one) and attaching hinges made specifically for this purpose using a screwdriver as necessary before sanding once again until the wooden gun safe is finished.

Step six:

Painting gun cabinet so that it coordinates well with your existing furniture style in addition to placing any locks required, such as keyed entryway type, which can be purchased online relatively cheaply at that point depending on where you live beforehand.

Things you Needed to make a wooden gun safe:

To create how I made my wooden gun cabinet, you will also require:

– Safety glasses and gloves

Safety glasses and gloves require to make a homemade gun safe for scratch since rough edges are dangerous when handling them without proper protection on your hands or eyes; 

– Pencils for writing measurements

 Pencils for writing measurements down accurately based on the design plans that were created by taking into account how much room there is inside each shelf where what type of firearm can fit comfortably within it while still leaving enough space around the sides so that other items such as cleaning supplies or ammunition can fit alongside it easily enough without becoming overcrowded.

– Measuring tape

Measuring tape for marking precisely how long each piece of wood needs to how to build my gun cabinet so that it fits together when attached properly at all angles when finished since accuracy is important with how do I make a homemade gun safe given how many pieces there are where one small mistake can cause entire sections not to fit together right if measurements aren’t exact enough;

-Sandpaper grade

Sandpaper grade 80, 220, and 400, each one of them used to smooth out a wooden rifle rack before the painting process begins if necessary;

Paintbrushes for a homemade gun safe

 Paintbrushes for a homemade gun safe, including the type that is called rollers, also come in handy when applying varnish or lacquer later on once how to build my wood firearm storage is finished.

– Screwdriver

– Screwdriver (size dependent upon what types of hinges were purchased online before starting how to build my wooden gun cabinet) as well as drill and screws for attaching these parts securely, so they don’t fall off over time due to having inadequate fastening points holding them onto built own rifle rack itself.

how to build a gun safe out of wood

Tips to make the effective gun safe

The following are some tips to make the effective gun safe:

  • 1. Find a place that is hidden from the public
  • 2. Pick a spot that has easy access to electricity and water
  • 3. Use three layers of drywall, each with 16 screws on top and bottom, for added security
  • 4. Put in at least two locks – one keyed lock and one combination lock
  • 5. Make sure there are no small cracks or gaps where people can see inside your safe 
  • 6. Install an alarm system if possible

How much does it cost?

This depends entirely upon how complicated the design of wooden gun safe and how many cabinets should be as well how do I make a homemade gun safe costs to build from scratch and what kind of material you have available beforehand, and exactly what tools are being used to get started with to make my wooden rifle rack.

How long will it take to make a gun cabinet?

For example, how do I make a homemade gun safe could take approximately 25 days if someone is starting from scratch using tools found within their home without any professional assistance whatsoever since some projects can be quite intricate and detailed, requiring more time than others complete successfully.

Where to hide gun safe?

There following are some ideas to hide your gun safe.

  • 1. Find a place in your house that is out of sight.
  • 2. Hide it behind furniture, pictures, or other objects
  • 3. Put it inside a closet with clothes to make it look like an old dresser drawer
  • 4. Put the safe on the floor and put some boxes on top of it to cover up its outline 
  • 5. The best place to hide a gun safe is in the basement.
  • 6. Another good place to put my gun safe is under the stairs or next to it.


This article explains the step-by-step process of making your very first DIY Gun Safe for home or office. It also covers how much, how do I make a homemade gun safe cost, how long it takes to finish the project, and where are good places for hiding your gun safe.


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