how to install a gun safe in your car

How To Install A Gun Safe In Your Car?

Keeping your weapon in a safe place is important. Whether you’re traveling or going on a hunting trip or want to keep it out of reach from curious children, there are many methods for how to install a gun safe in your car. 

In this blog post, we will determine some of the most popular and effective methods of installing gun safes in cars.

how to install a gun safe in your car
How To Install A Gun Safe In Your Car

What are guns safe?

A gun safe is an effective way how to store your guns when they are not in use. Many different safes range in size and style available in the market depending on how many weapons you have, how much room you need for storage purposes, and what features would be best suited for the type of firearm being stored.

Safes can come with biometric locks or combination locks which may provide additional security measures depending on your needs.

Importance of installing a gun safe in the car

There are many benefits of having a gun safe in a car. You may want to store a firearm in the car for emergencies, such as if you’d like to have a gun on hand just in case danger presents itself.

Another reason that many people choose how to install safes is that they don’t always plan on staying at their home or business location overnight and therefore must keep firearms accessible when away from home.

It’s important how to find the right type of metal safe which will fit your needs. There are different types of safes available depending on what kind of guns are being stored inside them, so it’s necessary to pick the best product offering the highest protection for storage places where valuable items can keep safe.

 It includes high-quality locks & security measures and has a stylish design & decorative function due to its color selection offering how to mix how to match it with other furniture or decoration in your home.

How does a safe gun install?

There are several different techniques for installing a gun safe in a car. One of the most popular ways to keep firearms accessible is by installing them inside hidden compartments, such as underneath the seat or between the seats so that they cannot be seen from outside of the vehicle.

Many vehicles have secret storage spaces available, but some cars may not and therefore require modification before adding any storage device for guns.

It’s very important to check all necessary measurements & dimensions required, then estimate if space allows addition and how much room enough suitable compartment could provide where the desired weapon can fit securely without the possibility of losing.

how to install a gun safe in your car
How To Install A Gun Safe In Your Car

Step by step procedure for installing the gun safe in your car

The following are some steps to install a gun safe in your car.

First step

 Place the firearm inside the box or case that you’re using for storage. Make sure that it is unloaded before doing so, and proceed with caution!

Second Step

Use an adhesive spray on both sides of the gun safe where you plan to attach the container. This will prevent any movement of gun safe within the space during transport, leading to scratching if not applied correctly.

Then firmly press each side onto your vehicle surface for twenty seconds unless otherwise instructed by manufacturer guidelines.

Once this is done, take out containers from your car’s surface carefully, ensuring no damage has occurred due to how long they were attached or excessive pressure placed upon them when brought up. 

Third step

You may want to look at how the metal edges of your container are covered. Suppose they’re not protected by foam or some other form of material.

In that case, it will eventually scratch and potentially damage your car’s surface after multiple uses.

A few more methods of installing gun safes:

The following steps for how to install a gun safe in your car can also help with the general process:

  • You can attach a gun safe to your car with the use of adhesive Velcro. This option is great for any person who doesn’t want their weapon moving around during transit.
  • Another option available is magnetic containers that you can use on either side of installing a gun safe in your car. These typically do not damage surfaces, but they are also used within certain metal types instead of plastic materials.

 If you want to install a gun safe in your car that is especially large, you may want to use additional measures of car straps or bungee cords instead of fixing it well. This will allow the user freedom when he wants to transport their weapon without scratching any surfaces.

Safety measures for installing a gun safe in a car

The following are some safety measures for installing gun safes in the car:

  • 1. Determine the size of your gun safe.
  • 2. Purchase a car seat that fits your gun safe.
  • 3. Install the gun safe in the backseat or trunk.
  • 4. Place guns and ammunition in separate containers inside the car.
  • 5. Secure all weapons with an appropriate lock when you are not using them.
  • 6. Keep firearms unloaded while traveling to prevent accidental discharge.
  • 7. Make sure the gun safe is anchored to your car.
  • 8. Consider installing a remote starter with a built-in alarm system for your vehicle.
  • 9. Install a GPS tracking device in case of theft or break-in.
  • 10. Use an anti-theft steering wheel lock or club lock to deter thieves from entering the car.
  • 11. Lock all doors and windows when you leave your vehicle, even if it’s just for a short period.
  • 12. Leave valuables at home so they are not visible inside the car.
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How To Install A Gun Safe In Your Car?


This blog post has made you aware of the possible dangers of not securing your firearm. After reading this post, you will be motivated to take action and install a gun safe in your vehicle.

If you’re ready to install a gun safe or want more information about what we offer at Gun Safe Guys, please call us today! We can help answer any questions and provide guidance for installation.


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