how to move a 2000 pound safe

How To Move A 2000 Pound Safe?

Protecting your guns is a top priority for most gun owners. They will go to any length necessary to ensure that their weapons are safe from harm, but how do you move a 2000 pound safe?

This article will discuss how to move a heavy fireproof gun safe safely and what precautions need to be taken before doing so. Let’s start it now;

What is a gun safe?

A gun safe is a storage safe specifically designed to protect guns from theft and damage. The majority of these safes are made with steel plating to make them fireproof or resistant to burglars trying to break into the safe using an ax or other tools that can be used for breaking down a door.

The vital factors that play a role in how heavy-duty gun safes include how many locking bolts there are on the doors, how long it takes someone to open up, and whether you have any additional protection features installed as electronic locks, fingerprint reading technology, etc.

how to move a 2000 pound safe
How To Move A 2000 Pound Safe

How much does it weigh?

As mentioned above, most gun safes come fitted with steel plates due to their weight, but even without this extra addition, they tend to weigh a considerable amount.

The average weight of a gun safe is around 2000 pounds, and these safes are not designed to be moved frequently as they can cause damage and wear and tear on the hinges, door locks, etc.

How much help do you need to move a gun safe?

Moving your heavy gun safe requires some physical assistance because of how difficult it will be for one person to lift such a huge object off the ground.

A single individual should never try lifting their entire weight to shift their weapon’s storage unit, or else they risk getting injured through back pain or, even worse, breaking bones if they drop the item due to carelessness!

If you do not have friends and family members to help you, then consider hiring a professional for safe moving who will be able to transport your gun storage unit from one place to the other.

This is an ideal option for those of you that own heavy-duty safes and want them moved with care, as these professionals know how difficult it can be if things go wrong during the process!

What precautions should I take before moving?

Before moving out all of your guns, follow some protection tips so that when they are removed from their original location, no accidents happen due to mishandling, such as dropping, knocking over, etc.

  • You could use anything like bubble wrap, paper, or cloth in order to protect against scratches and scrapes; if possible, try using specially designed cases designed to transport your weapons without causing any damage during transportation safely.
  • Also kept in mind how much space you have available to fit the safe into its new location, as this will impact how easy it is for you and others who are helping you move the item from place A to B.
  • Where possible, taking measurements before moving it from one place to another will make the transferring process easy.
how to move a 2000 pound safe

Methods to move a gun safe.

The following are some methods to move your gun safe easily from one place to another.

1. Find a friend to help you

Moving a 2000 pound gun safe can be done but requires research, planning, and assistance from friends or family members, which makes things easier if two people work together on shifting such an object up/down flights of stairs, etc.

It’s important to take care while transporting objects because they are often very heavy, and if they are dropped, it can cause damage to the safe itself as well as anything which comes into contact with it like flooring, walls, etc.

If you do not have any friends or family members available, consider hiring a professional gun-safe mover who will transport your weapon storage unit from place A to B without causing any injury throughout the process!

2. Cover the safe with bubble wrap

Foam or bubble wrap is ideal for protecting the safe against scratches and scrapes when transported. If you’re moving your weapon storage unit to a new location, then try thinking about how much space there will be available to fit the object in its new position.

3. Take proper measurements for easy transportation

Take measurements before dismantling everything beforehand so that once you have finished transporting all of the parts up/down flights, etc., reassembling again at the destination should not pose too many problems!

4. Put a mat or carpet to avoid slipping

Put down a mat, carpet padding, or something soft to make it easier on your feet and back.

You require something soft to stand on to take the strain off your feet and back when moving heavy objects.

5. Use boards for leverage when moving the safe 

Using boards for leverage is important because they will help you lift the safe off high surfaces without injury throughout transportation.

The object has been taken apart before moving, then reassembled again when you arrive at your destination!

6. Take furniture support

Keep weight off of your back by using furniture as support when lifting from one side of the safe. 

Using furniture as support is important because it can help you lift the weight off of your back without injury throughout transportation. Be careful not to over-extend yourself when moving heavy items – take frequent breaks if needed!

Professional gun safe movers are fully aware of how dangerous these objects can become during transportation which means they understand how careful people need to be when handling them.

These professionals know how difficult lifting heavy weights off of high surfaces is, so if possible, hire someone who knows what precautions need to be taken before attempting such an act as injuries could occur through accidents, etc., especially once everything has been dismantled; beforehand!

If there isn’t any damage caused due to carelessness through dropping things accidentally, etc., then assembling again should not pose too many problems.

Safety Tips for Moving a Gun Safe

The following are some safety steps that are very vital for transferring guns safely.

  • 1. Check to see if your doorways are wide enough for the safe to fit through.
  • 2. Put the gun safe on a tarp or blanket before moving it 
  • 3. Find someone else who can help you move the heavy weight of the safe.
  • 4. If possible, try not to move it upstairs.
  • 5. Make sure that there is something soft under where you’re sitting down the heavy gun safe.
  • 6. Take care when opening and closing doors – don’t slam them shut!
  • 7. Identify the best time to move your safe – when you have a few hours of free time.
  • 8. Wear gloves if you are not wearing shoes or socks. 
  • 10. Use furniture pads on all surfaces that will get scratched by the safe. 
  • 11. Move the safe slowly, taking care not to drop it onto any hard surface. 
  • 12. Do not use an elevator at work for this process; instead, take it up one floor at a time using stairs only.
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This article is about gun safety and described different methods for moving heavy safes from one place to another and what to do before starting this task.

The post also includes tips on how people can safely move their safes, even though it’s very dangerous, by telling them how pressure should be properly applied when shifting these items and how much weight should be moved at a time.

Reassembling shouldn’t pose too many problems so long as everyone takes care when moving the safe around in the first place, which is why they recommend taking frequent breaks if needed to make sure no one gets injured during this process and follow all the necessary precautions to make this process easy and safe.

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