How To Secure A Safe Without Bolting It To The Floor

How To Secure A Safe Without Bolting It To The Floor?

A gun safe is a secure storage device used to store firearms and other valuable items. These safes have different types of locking mechanisms, which can be either key or electronic locks. Most people use these safes for storing guns.

Still, they are also common in homes that keep important documents such as wills, deeds, insurance policies, etc., since these safes are more durable and secure than a regular filing cabinet.

How To Secure A Safe Without Bolting It To The Floor
How To Secure A Safe Without Bolting It To The Floor

How To Secure A Safe Without Bolting It To The Floor?

There are multiple ways to bolt down a safe, which will be discussed in detail later on. The main idea is to place the bolts into the floor or wall so that they can’t be moved out of position and opened up by someone who doesn’t have a key for your gun safe.

Pedestal Safes

The first type of safe we will discuss is a pedestal safe. This is a good safe that sits on top and raises your gun to be seen more easily than the guns are stored in a floor-safe or wall-safe. These safes generally have two bolts installed on each side of the door, placed into the floor.

When bolting down a pedestal safe, you should place two bolts on each side of the door that can be drilled through the floor and bolted to ensure it cannot move out of position.

Wall Safes

The next type of gun safe is known as a wall-safe or stand-alone wall safe. This safe is placed into a corner or along a straight wall and can be bolted down as well as how you would secure the pedestal safes from earlier.

These types of safes have bolts that sit inside metal sleeves that go through holes in the back wall, with these bolts going to studs behind them for extra support. You can also place bolts into the floor to ensure they cannot be moved out of position.

Floor Safes

The third type of gun safe is a larger, heavier type called a floor-safe or cabinet-style gun safe. These are the largest types of safes and have multiple shelves for storing guns and other items.

These are generally bolted down through the floor to prevent it from being moved, but you can do that with wall-safes as well. You should place bolts into studs behind your safe or drill directly into the concrete floor if no studs are available.

Fireproof Safes

Another type of gun safe called a fireproof safe is designed to protect firearms and other valuables from fire. These safes are generally made of solid steel or protected with a special material that resists damage due to heat, making them resistant to burglars.

This type of gun safe should be bolted down through the floor like how you would secure any other type; however, since these safes are on legs, it is also a good idea to place the safe on some wheel system so that it can be moved easier.

However, if you do not plan to move your fireproof gun safe often, then how you bolt down will depend on how heavy and how much floor space you need.

How to secure a gun safe without bolting it down?

There are many methods of securing the gun safe without bolting it down, but they all require spending more money on a better quality safe.

Use bolts

The first method is how the bolt-down safes are installed so that you can use those bolts to secure your gun safe without bolting them down. There are different types of these bolts known as “quick release” or “removable anchor” and can be bought at any hardware store.

These bolts use a twist-key like how you would lock your home door, making it very easy for anyone to get into your gun safe without them knowing about the bolts inside of it.

Use built-in locks

Another option is to secure a gun safe without bolt down is built-in locks, such as how the door is locked, which can be good for people who don’t want to purchase additional locks or would like their gun safe installed.

However, these safes are generally very low quality and should not be used by someone for placing valuable items inside them because it is very easy for anyone to get access into your safe if you do not get a high-quality one.

If you do not want to spend more money on installing your gun safe, then how the bolts are placed into the floor directly can be an option. However, this will require a solid concrete floor with no studs behind it and may also need to lift your safe for installing these anchors.

Installing floor cabinets

The last option for how you can secure a gun safe without bolting it down is how the floor-safe or cabinet safes are installed.

These will already have holes in your back wall so that cables may be run through them and used to fasten how they sit on top of these bolts. You do not need to lift this safe how the other safes are, but you should still place bolts into your floor like any other type.

How To Secure A Safe Without Bolting It To The Floor
How To Secure A Safe Without Bolting It To The Floor

Tips for securing safe without bolting it

There are different methods of securing a gun safe without bolting it down, but there are some tips on making your gun safe even more secure. Suppose someone knows how to get in, then they may also know how to take out these bolts or find a way around them to leave no signs of entry for you when you come home.

  • The first tip to secure your gun safe without bolting it down is the bolts use should be at least a half-inch long and have a washer with them to cover up any signs of entry.
  • You must also consider how thicker steel is safe, how it will be more difficult for people to want to break into them and make sure that your bolts are strong enough to hold up the weight from the floor.
  • If you do not spend too much money on a better quality lock, then there is another option for you, which will make it more difficult for thieves to try picking these locks.
  • If your safe is not bolted down, you should also consider purchasing a floor plate that will cover the back of it. This type of floor plate is generally made out of thick steel and can be used for any other safes that are installed without bolts onto them, but make sure to get one with anti-pry tabs that will make it even more difficult to try to get into your safe.
How To Secure A Safe Without Bolting It To The Floor


The security of your home is the number one priority. If you’re looking for a way to secure a gun safe without bolting it down, we may have just the solution! We’ve compiled different tips and tricks that will help keep your guns out of reach from burglars and children alike.

If you still have any questions in mind, please leave us a comment in the section below!


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