How To Turn A Closet Into A Gun Cabinet

How To Turn A Closet Into A Gun Cabinet?

If you are looking to turn your closet into a gun cabinet, this blog post will give you the basics of doing it. We will be focusing on converting an existing closet space into a gun cabinet.

This is not for people who have never made home improvement before and want something easy because this project is not that!

The good news is that if you follow these detailed instructions, then there should be no surprises along the way. That’s what everyone needs when tackling projects like this one clear guidance from start to finish.

You’ll need plenty of time, too, at least 10 hours total work time spread over two days or more depending on your skill level with construction projects. It also finishes in less time if you can get help from another.

A few points to consider when turning your closet into a gun cabinet are the type of door, how many guns will fit inside the cabinet, how many shelves or hooks are needed for the weapons, and how often they will need to be accessed. If locks are necessary, all these points are worth considering before making a gun cabinet.

I hope this article on how to turn a closet into a gun cabinet l will help you a lot in turning your clothing closet into a firearm storage cabinet. Let’s start reading!

What is the gun cabinet?

A gun cabinet is a box used to store guns safely for long-term use. Gun cabinets are typically made of metal and have thick walls, varying thickness depending on how much protection they need to provide from outside threats such as criminals or weather conditions.

Types of gun cabinets

There are several different kinds of gun cabinets. A wall safe is a good way to store guns, especially if you live in an apartment or don’t have much space.

It can be installed into your closet and will protect against burglars. If you want easy access for yourself but still want a safe, you can install a locking gun cabinet inside your closet or room. The following are some common types of gun cabinets:

  • Floor standing cabinets
  • Wall hanging cabinets
  • Freestanding units
How To Turn A Closet Into A Gun Cabinet
How To Turn A Closet Into A Gun Cabinet

What are the benefits of having gun closets?

The following are some benefits of having a gun closet:

1. The gun closet is a great way to keep your firearms safe and out of the reach of children.

2. It’s also a convenient place for you to store ammunition, cleaning supplies, holsters, and other accessories.

3. A gun closet can be installed in just about any room in the house – even if it’s not near your firearm storage area.

4. You can use a gun cabinet as an accent piece or fill it with all sorts of home décor items like bookshelves, artwork, plants, etc.

5. If you have more than one weapon type (i.e., handguns vs. rifles), consider installing two separate cabinets so that they don’t get mixed up.

6. Gun closets are perfect for storing sports equipment too! Just make sure to put them on shelves instead of hanging them from hooks on the wall.

How to turn your closet into a gun cabinet

The following are some steps to convert the space inside your walk-in closet into an efficient safe that can store guns safely and securely while allowing you easy access.

Use shelves instead of hooks for storing weapons. This reduces clutter. It also makes it easy to move around items when looking for specific ones so they won’t be misplaced or lost over time.

You don’t want these things lying about, especially if children are living in this house as well, which could lead to hazardous situations where accidents may happen because kids play with them without knowing what these objects represent, avoiding creating such risks is important by keeping them out of kid’s reach.

If you’re not sure how your weapons will fit, measure them before purchasing the cabinet because it’ll be difficult to move once it’s installed.

When you have determined how many shelves are necessary for displaying each weapon, build these before attaching them inside the unit so that they don’t stick out and risk damage from other items stored on top of them (if applicable).

This is entirely up to how secure you’d like the unit to be; some people prefer combination codes while others use keyed entry. Now all that’s left is finding an appropriate spot for it! If using cabinets with drop-down doors, you’ll want to find a location that’s not too high up to be difficult for kids or anyone else who may have difficulty reaching it.

If the door is of solid construction (not drop down), consider how far back from the doorway you need this unit placed. Make sure whatever space you plan to use can accommodate such an object without interfering with other access points like windows and closets.

This will ensure easy access if needed in an emergency; open the door and grab what’s necessary. Once everything has been thought through: buy your materials, gather your tools, and get started building! You won’t regret how much easier life becomes after making such adjustments.

How to make a gun cabinet?

You’ll need some basic tools and items before getting started:

  • Pencil
  • Electric Screwdriver
  • Tape measure
  • Saw
  • Drill Bits
  • Electric Drill
  • Multiple 1-inch plywood sheets
  • Padlocks
  • Latch
  • Glass Retainer Clips
  • Knobs
  • Sanding Paper
  • Galvanized steel screws
  • Hinges
  • ¼-inch plexiglass
  • Wood Stain
  • In the first place, decide how many guns you need to put inside the cabinet. Generally, twice as many side panels are needed as shelves where the guns will be placed.
  • Figure out how thick an MDF panel can fit inside your clothes closet. The standard thickness used on cabinets is 3/4″. If the closet is more than 12″ wide, make one of the panels out of plywood or other sturdy material.
  • Purchase MDF boards at any home improvement store. Cut them according to your desired size with a circular saw, and make sure they are flat on both sides. Glue two pieces together to get the desired thickness that you need for your cabinet.
  • Using a table saw, rip your MDF panels into 8″-wide strips. A standard gun cabinet is around 14″ deep, so this should give you two pieces for each shelf. Cut seven more pieces to the same width for the sidewalls and glue them all together.
  • Using 1-1/4″ pocket screws, put the frame together inside of your closet. Line up the sides with each other making sure that there are no gaps between them; screw in place using at least four screws per side panel.
  • To attach the shelves, drill pocket holes in one end of each shelf piece and attach them to the cabinet frame. Attach the 1×3 boards to the underside of each shelf with 1-1/4″ pocket screws.
  • The door comes next. Depending on what type of hinges you bought, install them on the cabinet frame and then attach your door. You should also add a magnetic or electronic lock if desired.
  • Using a palm sander, smooth down all of the sharp corners that were created during construction. Sanding is an important step because this will remove any rough edges and prevent the wood from wearing out.
  • Once all of the sharp corners and rough edges are gone, it’s time to paint! A general rule of thumb is to use semi-gloss paint on MDF panels since they tend to get scratched up easier than other types of wood. Use exterior paint for outside surfaces such as the frame and shelves. Be sure to use a primer first so that the paint sticks better.

How to make gun safe installation easy:

Once it’s installed, make sure the door opens and closes how you want it to before adding hinges that attach the door securely.

1. Measure the space where you desire to put your gun cabinet

2. Decide on a style of the cabinet – open or closed, with shelves or without

3. Choose a material that suits your taste and budget 

4. Install the gun cabinet in the desired location 

5. Mount locks on each side of the door for easy access to guns inside 

6. Add an alarm system if desired.

How To Turn A Closet Into A Gun Cabinet

Tips for storing guns safely and responsibly.

The following are some tips for storing guns safely in gun closets.

1. Store guns in a locked container that is not accessible to children.

2. Keep ammunition and gun cleaning supplies away from the guns.

3. Use trigger locks, cable locks, or lock boxes for added protection.

4. Install an alarm system with motion detectors for added security.

5. Call your local police department if you suspect someone is tampering with your firearms.

6. Ask family members who are authorized to use the firearm what they think of your storage plans before setting them in place.

7. Know your weapon’s safety features.

8. Keep the muzzle pointed at the gun in a safe direction.

9. Store guns unloaded, with ammunition stored separately

10. Don’t mix ammo types together or store them near each other.

11. Lock up guns when not in use to prevent unauthorized access to them.


The article talked about how to turn a closet into a gun cabinet for easy storage and organization. When turning an old clothier into your arsenal, many aspects should be considered, from buying shelving units to painting walls to installing lighting.

If you’re considering this project yourself or want help with it from our team, let us know! We will want to help you in creating the perfect space where all of your weapons can live in harmony (and safety).


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